Detergent water for plants

Detergent water for plants

To use laundry detergent in growing plants, you need to dilute one tablespoon of laundry detergent with 4 liters of water. Otherwise, the plant may burn leaves and rot roots.

Kill harmful insects

Ornamental plants are very susceptible to harmful pests and diseases that cause the plant to wilt, yellow leaves, and even cause the tree to die. However, with early detection and rapid eradication, the condition can be controlled.

But if using pesticides, it will have a very unpleasant smell, which also affects human health. So you can dilute washing powder to spray for plants. Since centuries ago washing powder was used as an insecticide.

Detergents are specially formulated with fatty acids, which kill insects, especially whiteflies and bacteria. It is also very safe because it contains 50% of the potassium salts of fatty acids extracted from vegetable and animal oils.

You use detergent water to spray on the tree, the protective film of harmful insects will be broken, causing it to lose water and die. Besides, spraying on flowers and leaves every 2 weeks can also prevent harmful insects from attacking.

You should note that before using washing powder to kill insects that harm plants, you should clean and cut all the withered, wilted leaves and do not water to prevent insects from spreading with the water flow to other plants. Spray only when it’s cool and pay attention to mix the right amount of detergent to avoid burning leaves.

Clean the bushes

Many families invest a lot in bonsai to bring beauty to the house. If there is a thin layer of dust on the leaves, it can block sunlight, reduce the ability of the plant to photosynthesize, and make the plant grow worse. So cleaning the leaves of houseplants regularly is of great significance both to help the plants look beautiful and to help them grow well.

Instead of wiping the leaves with regular water, you can dilute the detergent to clean the leaves. This way both helps to clean dirt, can create shine for leaves, help leaves have a glossy green color, and at the same time prevent bacteria and pests from attacking.

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