Date Molasses Benefits, How Is It Made?

Date Molasses

Date Molasses: Natural Immune Booster!

Date molasses, which is frequently consumed by those who want to strengthen their immune system, is one of the sweetest and most beneficial syrups. The fact that it has a natural feature and its economic value is quite suitable has supported the popularity of this molasses. Date molasses, which cures many health problems in a short time, is one of the products sold in droves in our country and in many countries.

The benefits of date molasses, which have high nutritional value and many benefits, are also recommended by many experts such as İbrahim Saraçoğlu. The fact that dates enter your kitchen after they are boiled and turned into molasses will add more change to your life than you can imagine.

Those who are tired all day long, who cannot feel energized, who want to strengthen their immune system and who want to be fit from head to toe should read this article to the end. Because the benefits of palm molasses come to heal you!

What are the Benefits of Date Molasses?

1) Protective Against Cancer

  • Date molasses prepared from all types of dates prevent cancer, the biggest disease of the age.
  • Especially thanks to the benefits of persimmon molasses, you can prevent cancerous cells from entering the body.

2) Regulates Bowel Movements

  • Date molasses, which is obtained from dates containing dietary fiber, helps to relax the intestines.
  • Stressful conditions such as constipation, hemorrhoids, and digestive problems can be prevented when palm molasses is consumed.

3) Balances Blood Sugar

  • Date molasses is known as a sweet syrup. If you drink 1 teaspoon of this molasses after waking up every morning, you will start the day with blood sugar balanced.
  • Thus, you can avoid the moments when you feel tired. You will delay the feeling of hunger for a long time.

4) Gives Energy to the Body

  • Date molasses, which is consumed spoon by spoon by sportsmen, is one of the natural drinks that gives energy to the body.
  • It is recommended that those who want to consume energy drinks in a natural way should definitely meet with date molasses. It provides high energy in a short time.

5) Cures Cough

  • Date molasses will be a cough medicine for you on cough days. You can eliminate the factors that cause cough by drinking 1 teaspoon of palm molasses every morning and evening.
  • It is known that date molasses heals the throat tract, clears phlegm, and relaxes the lungs.

6) Makes Breathing Easier

  • If you often experience shortness of breath while breathing, it’s time to drink palm molasses.
  • Thanks to date molasses, you can help the lungs work more easily. This beneficial molasses facilitates breathing and does not put you in a difficult situation while talking.

7) Protects Reproductive Health

  • Among the countless benefits of date molasses, it should be added that it supports reproductive hormones.
  • It has the feature of protecting the reproductive health of women and men. Increases sperm and egg quality.

8) Balances Blood Values

  • Date molasses should be consumed to cure the iron deficiency with natural methods.
  • It brings blood values ​​to the ideal level and prevents problems caused by iron deficiency.
  • When you consume date molasses, you can eliminate fatigue, tremors, chills, and constant sleepiness.

9) Improves Brain Cells

  • It is recommended to drink palm molasses for optimal functioning of brain cells. It is especially recommended for school-age children to overcome their attention deficit and focus on their lessons more easily.
  • Problems related to the nervous system such as memory loss, forgetfulness, and fatigue can be prevented thanks to palm molasses.

10) Prevents Infection

  • Date molasses has another feature. Thanks to this feature, urination becomes easier and the infection in the body is eliminated.
  • The beneficial nutrient, which does not allow infection because it protects the immune system, also eliminates the existing infection in the body in a short time.

How to Make Date Molasses?

After consuming date molasses, many people think about the question: “How is date molasses made?” Let’s explain step by step the journey of the date until it takes the consistency of molasses.

  • Date molasses is usually made with persimmon, the most popular fruit of the Black Sea region.
  • For this molasses, firstly, ripening persimmons are collected.
  • Dates are cut into small pieces and thrown into boiling water in a deep large cauldron.
  • It takes a while for the dates to soften in hot water. The dates that have become pulp are mixed well.
  • The dates passed through the strainer are taken from hot water to cold water.
  • Beautifully cooked dates are put in specially prepared clean sacks.
  • The pulp of the dates in the sack waits in a container to release their water.
  • Pumpkin and walnut powders are also added to the dates that release their juice. Therefore, the nutritional value of date molasses is very high.
  • Boiling water is kept on the stove until it thickens well. Then the jarring process is started and the molasses is ready.

What are the Prices of Date Molasses?

  • Date molasses has been introduced to the market by many companies. Its economic value is quite reasonable.
  • The average price of 1 bottle of date molasses is 50 TL. According to the brands, this figure is around 65 TL.
  • You can find date molasses in all kinds of markets and herbalists. In case you can’t get it, you can buy it online from the brand you trust.

Does Date Molasses Make You Gain Weight?

  • The calorie value of date molasses is not very high. However, it should still be consumed in a controlled manner.
  • 1 teaspoon of palm molasses contains 32 calories. When other calories taken during the day are also calculated, they should be consumed with caution.
  • Date molasses is a medicinal food with high nutritional value and many benefits.

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