Daily menu ideas for Kapha dosha

A Kapha dosha diet will be based on light vegetable dishes, warm soups and bitter herbs.

Vegetables should make up at least half of the diet.

A third is Basmati rice and other light grains.

And a fifth will be given to legumes.

It is better to use fruits as a separate food, choosing astringent varieties and dried fruits.

For people of the Kapha type, it is enough to eat two or three times a day.

As a snack, you can drink warm tea with ginseng, ginger, chamomile or raspberry with a little honey.


Breakfast – Barley and quinoa porridge with aromatic raisin and date chutney and half a teaspoon of ghee;

Lunch – Lentil soup with spices for Kapha dosha, rice pilaf, a small portion of salad of leafy vegetables;

Dinner – Buckwheat porridge with broccoli and carrots.


Breakfast – Green buckwheat pancakes with honey;

Lunch – Beans from red beans, couscous with vegetables;

Dinner – Warm salad of beets and green beans.


Breakfast – Millet meatballs with raisins;

Lunch – Cauliflower curry, Basmati rice;

Dinner – Broccoli puree and 2 chickpea falafels.


Breakfast – Warm rye toast with half a teaspoon of ghee and aromatic chutney of raisins and dates;

Lunch – Kitchari for Kapha dosha, salad with arugula and radishes;

Dinner – Creamy carrot soup with ginger and pumpkin seeds.


Breakfast – Buckwheat porridge with coconut flakes and half a teaspoon of ghee

Lunch – Stuffed peppers with beans and quinoa, light cabbage soup with herbs

Dinner – Roasted vegetables to balance Kapha dosha


Breakfast – Portion of crumble with berries and tea to balance Kapha;

Lunch – Barley and white bean soup, vegetable meatballs with lentils and cauliflower puree ;

Dinner – Beet and carrot cream soup with half a teaspoon of ghee.


Breakfast – 2-3 balls of dried fruit with ginger tea;

Lunch – Kithari with tomatoes;

Dinner – Steamed broccoli with amaranth garnish.

Kapha type people have a well developed body and immune system. Of all the body types, they have the least need for heavy food.

On the contrary, a lighter diet will suit them. Since Kapha is a cold, heavy and wet dosha by nature, warm, light and dry foods will harmonize it.


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