Coconut: What kind of fruit is a coconut?


Have you ever wondered what kind of fruit a coconut is ? Although it is one of the richest and most refreshing foods of summer, and it is the official image that we imagine in any paradise, we do not know many interesting facts about it.

Is the coconut a fruit or is it a nut ? What other curiosities does this food with such an incredible smell and taste hide? If you feel like telling your friends something they probably didn’t know… Continue reading the article!

What type of fruit is a coconut exactly?

Contrary to what many people assume, the coconut is not, in fact, a tropical fruit. It is rather a dried fruit of tropical origin . Did you imagine that this could be like this? The coconut is the largest nut in all of nature, and what we eat from it is its seed. The outer layer of the coconut is the fruit itself, and both the water and the meat are the food for the seed itself.

Thus, and although its appearance and moisture tell us otherwise, when we are eating coconut, we are doing something similar to when we eat almonds or walnuts … But in a much larger size!

Other curiosities about the coconut

Since it is a dried fruit, you can imagine why it is a food full of good properties for the health of your body. Coconut consumption is not only good to eat, but to use as a cosmetic.

The coconut is full of minerals, and this helps us in three main ways:

  • For digestion and the well -being of the digestive system when we ingest it.
  • For the health of hair and skin , giving them both a lot of light.
  • For people who do a lot of sports, as it strengthens muscles thanks to its contribution of potassium and iron.

Another property of this food, and which once again answers the question of what type of fruit is a coconut, is the satiating effect it has. Like all nuts, it is a good ally to replace other foods with less nutritional value: with a little coconut, your stomach will feel full and you will not resort to chocolates or industrial pastries. Of course, also like the rest of nuts, coconut has enough calories and you should not eat excessive amounts.

In short, if you had come this far to find out what kind of fruit a coconut is, the answer is that it is a very large and exotic nut . And also full of health benefits that make it a very good ingredient for any diet.

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