Cleaning routine to remove stains from your kitchen towels

Cleaning routine to remove stains from your kitchen towels

In just 3 steps you can remove that stained and dirty appearance from your kitchen towels.

Cloth towels in the kitchen are essential, you always have to have more than one pair in this area, since they help to dry your hands or the food itself, dishes and more items after washing them. Unfortunately, its great functionality can generate a faded appearance that sometimes cannot be removed even by washing.

These types of kitchen elements can easily stain and create grayish tones or simply stained areas that do not look good or, in the worst case, could continue to have an unpleasant odor despite having been washed.

To leave your kitchen towels like new, maintain a renewed appearance and even a pleasant smell, we explain what you should do and in just 3 easy steps remove the stain without dying trying . Take note and encourage yourself to perform this cleaning routine.

Cleaning routine to remove stains from your kitchen towels

To do this cleaning routine, you only need 1 cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of baking soda, and your favorite dish soap. This is what you should do in just 3 steps:

1.- Mix the vinegar with the baking soda in a bucket with half the water, then submerge the towels and let them soak for at least 2 hours.

2.-Take out the towels and scrub a little in the sink, add soap for dishes or clothes and scrub exerting more force on the damaged areas. Do the same with each one and rinse with warm water.

3.-Squeeze out the water and tend to the shade, if there are any stains, now is the time to give them a second cleaning but now in the washing machine. Here the trick that you can apply is to pour a little vinegar into the hole where the softener is regularly placed and during washing this kitchen ingredient will take effect.

This cleaning will help you to whiten and remove the stained areas on the fabric, remember to be constant with the cleaning of your kitchen towels and thus leave them as new without having to wear yourself out so much or simply not succeed. Now is the time to put this guide to the test.

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