Citrus × limonia (Mandarin lemon)

Mandarin lemon : Fruit with a very acidic and refreshing flavor , whose pulp is orange in color, as is the peel. It is a hybrid that unites lemon (Citrus Limón) and mandarin (Citrus reticulata).


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Common names

Paraguayan lemon, missionary lemon, mandarin lime, Canton lime, rough lemon, rangpur lime, cravo lemon, hime lemon, acidic mandarin ([South Zone of Costa Rica]), lime, mandarin lemon. It is a citrus fruit, with a very acid flavor and orange peel and pulp.


The name lime in connection with this fruit is frequently misapplied because of the similarity between Rangpur and true limes. However, Rangpurs are highly acidic and can be used as a substitute for commercial limes.


Its origin is possibly from India . It was introduced to the US in the late 19th century by “[Oneco’s Reasoner Brothers]”, obtaining seed from northwestern India. It is used as an ornamental, or pot plant, and outside of [USA], mainly as a graft foot . In [Costa Rica] it is widely used, it is very frequent in the patios of houses and commercially preferred over lemon and lime.

Benefits of Mandarin Lemon juice on the health and beauty of the skin

Mandarin lemon is a [hybrid] between Citrus reticulata mandarin and Citrus × limon lemon. Canton lime, rough lemon, rangpur lime, cravo lemon, hime lemon, acidic mandarin (South Zone of Costa Rica ), lime, mandarin lemon. Orange meat; juicy. Abundant seeds, small, highly polyembryonic, and light green cotyledons. The fruit hangs on the tree for a long period. Mandarin lemon is juicy and contains many properties for the benefit of health, among them it has large amounts of Vitamin C which protects the immune system if it is consumed regularly in hot or cold climates in order to avoid future colds, likewise we help to prevent skin from drying out. It also helps control obesity.


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