Chocolate Egg Nests Recipe

Chocolate Egg Nests
Chocolate Egg Nests

This is another very fun and easy recipe to make with the kids. You don’t need much and you can decorate them as beautifully as you want!

How do you make the chocolate egg nests?

You start by melting the chocolate. I use milk chocolate here, but you can of course also use dark chocolate. Or a mix of both is also nice. While the chocolate is melting, I break some cornflakes into a large bowl. You don’t have to break it very small, it doesn’t have to become grit.

As soon as the chocolate has melted, divide this over the cornflakes. Make sure all cornflakes have some of the chocolate and they all have a brown coat.


Now divide the cornflakes over 12 cupcake papers. Nice if you happen to have Easter cupcake papers for that too, but that’s not a must. It is best if you put the papers in a muffin tin, so you can easily move them. And the mess remains a bit limited.

Make a small nest in the middle of the cornflakes. So every piece of paper has a hole in the middle. You put three eggs in it per nest and your chocolate egg nests are complete. Incidentally, handy to use eggs here without papers. Otherwise, it will soon be a bit awkward.


Now let the chocolate egg nests harden well before serving. Curing takes about 2 hours. Does not necessarily have to be in the refrigerator, but then it will go faster.

Chocolate egg nests

You can make up for this fun treat with the kids!


  • 200 gr milk chocolate in pieces
  • 85 gr of cornflakes made large pieces slightly smaller
  • 1 bag of small Easter eggs
  • 12 cupcake papers


  1. Place the pieces of milk chocolate in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Pour the melted chocolate over the cornflakes and stir well until combined.
  3. Divide the cornflakes over cupcake papers and make a hole in the middle for the ‘nest’. Add three eggs per nest.
  4. Let cool and harden (about 2 hours)


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