Cereal diet tips


  • The products during the Cereal diet
  • Preparing the wheat or lime
  • Is the Wheat Diet suitable for everyone?
  • Preparation for Grain mode
  • Power supply after the Cereal mode
  • Indispositions during the wheat regimen
  • More Grain Mode rules

The grain diet or the Grain Diet was bequeathed to us by Petar Danov and is considered a practice for purifying the spirit and body. This regimen includes precisely defined rules of eating during these days, with wheat being the main food consumed.

The grain regimen is done in February, starting 2-3 days after the full moon and lasting 10 days. It is written exactly on which day of the week to start the Cereal Regimen according to the goals you want to achieve. Many people do the diet during other months of the year as well.

On the first day in the morning it should be said: Lord, receive me in the hospital of Nature for ten days , after which the purification can begin.

The products during the Cereal diet

During the regime, only:

– 100 g of crushed wheat or spelled – for all the elements necessary to sustain life;

– 3 apples – for the heart;

– 9 walnuts – for the brain;

– honey and lemon – for the blood;

– at least 1.5 liters of boiled water.

In order for the Wheat Diet to be effective , certain rules and recommendations must be followed exactly. We’ll give you some tips on how to do it.

Fruits, nuts, honey and wheat must be of good quality and from verified sources, free of mold, rot and damage. The water must be from a spring, in no case tap or mineral water. The above quantities are distributed over several intakes during the day, with honey being no more than 100 g per day.

Preparing the wheat or lime

Wheat must first be washed very well with warm water, then prepared for consumption. This can be done in several ways:

– Classic – 100 g of wheat is washed in the evening and poured into a well-preserved one-liter thermos. It is poured with boiling water so that no air remains on top and closes well. In the morning, the wheat water is poured from the thermos and it is drunk on an empty stomach half to an hour before breakfast. Honey and lemon can be added optionally. This water should be kept in the mouth for a while, as if you were chewing it – not to be drunk in large gulps.

– Eat raw wheat;

– Soak in warm, boiled water.

– Boil for 3 min – the choice is yours

It is recommended to choose an option that tastes best to you and does not cause you discomfort. In case of stomach problems, you should use cracked wheat or boiled.

Is the Wheat Diet suitable for everyone?

If you suffer from any illness and take any medication, consult a doctor first. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, for example, what it is and how severe it is is important, but surely a doctor should weigh the risks and benefits. It is not recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers undertake a grain diet.

If during the diet you get sick with flu or a cold, you may not stop the diet, but increase the amount of warm boiled water to about 2 liters – it will prove to be the best remedy. It is exactly the hot water that the Teacher recommends for treating the flu/cold/

Preparation for Grain mode

Special preparation is not needed for people who consume only or mostly plant food. The rest should switch to lighter food 10 to 7 days before the regime, gradually replacing animal products with vegetable products. The use of salt should also be reduced.

Power supply after the Cereal mode

After the wheat diet, “fasting” is done at noon on the tenth day. Angel soup is added to the foods from the diet . It is prepared by boiling whole peeled potatoes, finally adding parsley and a little salt, maybe black pepper if desired. Potatoes are also eaten without specifying their weight. The following days should not overeat. Gradually transition to the usual way of eating, gradually adding lighter foods first.

It is recommended that after the end of the Cereal Diet, all food waste (nut shells, apple peels, etc.) should be buried in a clean place in nature.

Indispositions during the wheat regimen

On the second – third day, general malaise, headache, nervous tension usually occur, due to the increased excretion of toxins from the body. To relieve these symptoms, it is recommended to drink more warm boiled water. Also, to get through this more easily, it is recommended to clear your mind of dark, bad thoughts and tension.

A cheerful mood, singing and joy of life will help you get through this period more easily. After the fifth day, it is considered that the body begins to renew itself and a surge of energy comes. It is not good to interrupt the regime, if you do not have serious health reasons, try to last all 10 days.

More Grain Mode rules

You need to drink plenty of water to trigger the cleansing process. It is important to chew the wheat very well so that it becomes mushy in your mouth. should be eaten only after sunrise and before sunset.

Teacher Petar Danov recommends saying the prayers three times for the day before each meal:

– Lord, receive me today in the hospital of nature.

– In fulfillment, the will of God is the power of the human soul;

– God’s Love brings abundant and full life.


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