Celery Benefits, Nutritional Values, What Is It Good For?

Celery Benefits

You may regret a little when you learn the high nutritional value of celery, which is often approached with prejudice due to its taste and smell. With celery recipes enriched with different flavors, you can become addicted to this healing vegetable.

Although the olive oil dishes of celery, whose benefits do not end with counting, are famous, it can also be consumed in the form of soup and salad. Frequently hosting celery, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, on your tables will be a very beneficial move in terms of a healthy life.

Celery, which is frequently consumed by those who want to lose weight with its low-calorie content, has high nutritional value. Many different kinds of dishes can be made with the celery plant, whose stem and leaves can be consumed in various ways. Especially olive oil celery dish is usually prepared with ingredients such as orange juice to balance the smell and taste.

Celery, which is prepared with stuffing, soup and salad in addition to its olive oil meal, helps to have a resistant body with the vitamins it contains. Celery, which has an important place in European cuisine, provides interesting flavors with its unique aroma. In the winter months, which can be shown as the celery season, you can consume this vegetable abundantly and protect your body in the best way on cold days.

What is Celery? What are its features?

Celery, a plant from the parsley family, is a vegetable whose root and leaf stems can be used. It can be produced in two types as root celery and stalk celery. Warm and cool climates are more suitable for celery cultivation. Celery, which likes the moist environments of the sea coasts, can yield better crops in such places. Although celery is not as popular as other vegetables due to its smell, its richness of vitamins and minerals makes it an important food source.

Celery Calories and Nutritional Value

Celery is a very useful vegetable. It owes its being a useful type of food to its low calorie and rich nutritional values. 100 grams of celery contains about 40 kcal in calories. Therefore, it has an important place for those who want to lose weight. Celery, which can also be consumed as a salad, is among the prominent foods of many diets.

With its vitamins, celery becomes a unique source of healing, especially for the digestive system. Celery, which has made a name for itself with its B and C vitamins, also contains protein. Celery, which is very rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium, is among the vegetables that should be frequently found on the dinner table.

What Are the Benefits of Celery? What Is It Good For?

  • Celery, which is low in calories, is among the vegetables that dieters consume heavily.
  • It is thought that when celery is applied as a skin mask, it can be good against acne-like skin problems.
  • It stimulates the mind and contributes to the strengthening of memory. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it is also effective in reducing fatigue.
  • Celery is one of the foods thought to have an aphrodisiac effect.
  • The high fiber in it supports the regular functioning of the digestive system. It also has appetizing and digestive effects.
  • Celery can also be brewed as tea. Thanks to the benefits of celery tea, it will be very easy to relax the stomach.
  • Celery is a vegetable consumed as a supportive food in addition to medical treatment in diseases such as gout.
  • Many components in its content help regulate metabolism.
  • Celery is also beneficial in terms of blood pressure balance. However, in serious ailments such as blood pressure, it is absolutely necessary to apply to the hospital.
  • It is rich in vitamin C and contributes to the body’s resistance, especially in cold winter months.
  • Situations such as celery poisoning may occur if it is used in excessive amounts or if it is eaten spoiled. Like all foods, celery should be consumed in consultation with doctors.

How is the Celery Diet Made?

Celery cure, which is thought to help weight loss, can be preferred by those who want to diet.

Celery juice and celery stalk juice, which have very low calories, are also among the drinks that can contribute to the slimming process. You should definitely consult your doctor before trying the celery diet or any other type of diet.

How to Peel Celery? How to Clean?

For cleaning celery, first of all, the stalk is separated from the upper part. The celery root, whose stalk is removed, is peeled in the normal way. These sections are also freed from the crust by carving a little more deeply in the curved areas.

Thoroughly washed celery can be soaked in lemon water to preserve its light color. Apart from the root, the stem and leaves of the celery can be cleaned and used in many different recipes.

How to Chop Celery? How is it stored?

Celery root is usually cut into slices and used in this way in cooking. It is also possible to buy celery in season, store it in the freezer and then use it in meals throughout the year. Celery stalk can also be used as root. Celery leaves, on the other hand, can be stored by drying-like methods.

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