What is Capia Pepper? 10 Benefits of Capia Pepper

Capia Pepper

Pepper is a vegetable native to Central and South America. But it is also grown and consumed in many countries. Pepper, which is frequently used in cooking, is a species belonging to the nightshade family. It is consumed raw or cooked. After being dried and powdered, it is used as chili pepper to flavor the dishes. At the same time, tomato paste and pickles can be made from this useful vegetable.

There are many varieties and colors of pepper. Peppers are also among the low-calorie foods. Peppers have many benefits. Capia pepper is one of the healing vegetables. In this article, we investigated the benefits of capia pepper and the nutritional values ​​of capia pepper. So, what are the benefits of capia pepper? What are the calorie and nutritional values ​​of capia pepper? Here, capia pepper with all the details…

What is Capia Pepper?

  • Capia pepper is one of the foods with a bright red color. Therefore, it is also known as red pepper.
  • Since it is a suitable species for every climate, capia pepper cultivation is carried out in most countries.
  • It has its own sweetness. It is mostly consumed in roasted form or by making tomato paste.
  • We can also define capia pepper as meaty pepper. This pepper is also called annual pepper.
  • The reason why it is called annual pepper is that the plant grows in a period of 1 year.
  • It usually grows in hot and dry climates. It is one of the plants that require a lot of sunlight.
  • It likes clayey and mineral-rich soils with high fertility. It requires plenty of water and a warm climate during its growing period.
  • Capia pepper stores the beneficial rays it receives from the sun’s rays. In this way, the source of healing comes at the beginning of the nutrients.
  • It is among the foods that do not lose their properties even if they are roasted. In some regions, hot capia pepper is grown.
  • The capsaicin substance it contains gives it the characteristic of being bitter. When it is roasted, it just loses its bitterness.

What are the Benefits of Capia Pepper?

  • Capia pepper has many health benefits. Capia pepper, which is almost a medicine store, prevents esophageal cancer when consumed with yogurt.
  • 1 cup of red pepper meets the daily vitamin C and A deficiency. In this way, it reduces inflammation that causes problems such as heart disease, rheumatism and asthma. It always protects the body from free radicals that cause inflammation.
  • The antioxidant-rich lycopene gives red pepper its color. lycopene; Prevents cervical, bladder, prostate and lung cancers.
  • It regulates the digestive system and facilitates digestion. In this way, stomach laziness is prevented. In addition, capia pepper provides protection against stomach cancer.
  • Capia pepper accelerates metabolism. For this reason, it is one of the foods that should be on the list of dieters to lose weight.
  • It accelerates blood circulation. It provides protection against the risk of heart attack and stroke. It opens the respiratory tract. It has a cholesterol-lowering effect.
  • It is good for intestinal problems by ensuring a healthy functioning of digestion. It has anti-constipation properties.
  • It gives a feeling of happiness by making the hormones work. Endorphin hormone is good for stress and insomnia problems.
  • It is beneficial for bone and muscle pain. It prevents the problems of forgetfulness and lack of concentration. Provides skin regeneration. Prevents acne and acne formation.
  • It is among the ideal foods for eye health. It prevents problems that cause vision loss. In addition, if you have iron deficiency, it is beneficial to consume plenty of capia pepper.

Capia Pepper Calories and Nutritional Information

Capia pepper is a food rich in nutritional value. It contains plenty of folic acid, potassium, magnesium. Capia pepper, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is used in the treatment of many diseases. The calorie rate and nutritional values ​​in 100 grams of capia pepper are as follows:

  • Calorie rate 37 kcal
  • 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • Fiber 4 grams
  • Protein 1 gram
  • Fat 0.5 grams
  • Sodium 0.01 grams
  • Vitamin A 354 IU
  • Vitamin C 140mg
  • Potassium 260mg
  • Calcium 10mg
  • Iron 0.55mg

Note: These values ​​are based on an adult person. In addition, these values ​​may vary according to your daily calorie needs. You can calculate how much capia pepper you should consume based on your weight.

How to Store Capia Pepper in the Freezer?

  • You need to pay attention to some details when storing the capia pepper in the freezer. First, wash the capia peppers thoroughly.
  • After thoroughly drying the peppers, clean them from the seeds. Slice it as you would use it for dinner.
  • Put the peppers in the freezer bag in the freezer. Press the top of the bags lightly with your hand and take the air out.
  • Then put it in a second freezer bag. In this way, the peppers will not smell the other products in the freezer.

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