Blender for smoothies and cocktails: criteria for choosing the perfect model

Blender for smoothies and cocktails

The final product acquires an excellent and unique taste, replenishing the body with vitamins.

Despite the fact that this group of devices does not fundamentally differ from blenders for other purposes, when choosing the optimal model, one must take into account the characteristic nuances.

Which one is better to choose and what to look for?

The requirements for the parameters of blenders for cocktails and smoothies derive mainly from the composition of the drink. Almost any blender can handle cocktails.

they are based on liquids (juices, milk, etc.). Sometimes mild ingredients (berries, fruits, jelly, etc.) are added to them.

The task of grinding such components and mixing to a uniform consistency is easily solved even with low-power devices .

Problems can arise when making smoothies, where nuts and dried fruits can be used as additives, and a quality drink is obtained by grinding ice or frozen ingredients.

To grind them, you will need a more powerful apparatus and special attachments. Taking into account these nuances, it should be clearly determined whether the blender will be used only for cocktails or both drinks will be prepared .

In the latter case, when choosing a model, you must focus on the function of making a smoothie

  • In general, the choice of the optimal model for the house is carried out according to the main criteria.
  • Consideration should be given to the frequency of use, the need for the volume of the final product, the possibility of expanding functions, serviceability, reliability and safety.
  • Most often, an alternative is solved – the maximum capabilities of the device at the minimum cost.

Blenders are available in 2 varieties :

  1. Submersible type . It consists of a closed unit with an electric motor, on the shaft of which nozzles are fixed from below. The working body is manually inserted into the container (a glass in the device kit or any convenient vessel). The whole process is controlled visually, and the blender is held in the hand during the whole process. The main advantages of the submersible design: small size, constant process control, quick preparation, the ability to use any container. Cons: limited volume, reduced power, need to hold in the hand.
  2. Stationary type . This is a desktop version with an electric motor at the base. A bowl (jug) is installed on it, after which a nozzle is fixed on the shaft. Such a blender does not require the direct participation of the hostess in the cooking process. The desired program starts, and after a certain time the device turns off. Advantages: process automation, significant useful volume, increased power, no need to hold the device in the hand. Cons: increased size, more difficult disassembly for washing.

It is extremely difficult to ensure perfect mixing of cocktail components with the help of a submerged design. Stationary models are most suitable for them.


The power of the device is the most important selection criterion that determines the possibilities of grinding and the speed of preparation of the drink. The blenders can be equipped with an electric motor with a power of 250 to 3000 watts. With its increase, the versatility increases, but the price rises sharply. The device should be chosen taking into account the real purpose.

No power is required to prepare cocktails . A stationary blender with a power of 300-350 watts is quite suitable. Grinding hard ingredients and smoothie ice requires increasing this setting. The minimum values ​​are 500-550 W.

The speed of preparation of a drink depends on the power of the device . If there is a need for instant grinding of ice pieces, then you should think about a 1-1.5 kW blender.

Rotational speed

To obtain a quality product, you need to pay attention to the high-speed mode of the device. The ability to adjust the speed increases the capabilities of the blender. In modern devices, up to 30 different modes are provided, which are set by turning the lever . For cocktails and smoothies, 2-5 speeds are enough.

The vast majority of devices have a turbo mode. It provides for work at maximum speed, developing the greatest power. The pulse mode is also of interest. In this case, rotation occurs only when the button is held manually.

Bowl volume

A single portion of the prepared drink depends on the size and volume of the bowl. Miniature devices can have their own containers with a volume of 0.4-0.6 ml (shown in the photo). In large families, interest is shown in 2-2.5 liter jugs. The optimal volume is 0.6-1 liters.

  1. The choice for this parameter must be made based on real needs .
  2. Large containers significantly increase the size and weight of the blender, which is important for small kitchens and the need for periodic transportation.
  3. In addition, the price rises markedly.

It is important to take into account that the useful volume of the bowl is slightly less than its geometric volume. For a realistic estimate, subtract 150-200 ml .


The functionality of a blender depends on the shape of the attachments included in its package.

Good devices can have 3-4 of these elements :

  1. Removable footed knife (usually plastic) . You will need it for mashing and chopping vegetables.
  2. Corolla . Designed for whipping.
  3. Built-in chopping knives . They do an excellent job with products of varying hardness.

When choosing a blender only for smoothies and cocktails, one main working body is enough – the built-in grinder.

It is installed at the bottom of the bowl, grinds the ingredients and mixes all the ingredients. For cocktails “with foam” you will need a whisk. With large volumes of ice, a special nozzle is used to break it, but at home it is rarely used. Small pieces of ice are also handled by a standard chopper .

Materials used

The blender body can be made of plastic or metal. A combination of these materials is possible. Modern high-strength plastics provide sufficient strength.

The main disadvantage is insufficient scratch resistance, which can spoil the appearance if used carelessly . Metal cases have high strength and durability.

Of greatest interest is stainless steel. The main disadvantage of the metal is the increased cost.

It is important to pay attention to the material of the bowl. It can be made from plastic, glass and stainless steel. Glass has an important advantage. Its transparency provides visual control of the process, which is important when preparing smoothies . The main disadvantage is fragility, which requires careful handling.

The material of the nozzles must ensure their strength and inertness to chemically active substances. Knives made of stainless steel are considered to be of the highest quality and reliability.

Protective functions

The reliability and durability of the device depends on the presence of protective systems that automatically turn off the electric motor when dangerous influences appear.

In a blender, it is desirable to have :

  1. Protection against overheating, which occurs under excessive load and can lead to damage to the insulation of the motor winding.
  2. Overvoltage protection, which is especially important in networks where electrical surges are possible.
  3. Blocking of inclusion in case of incorrect installation of the bowl, because this is dangerous to others and will overload the motor.

In addition to protecting the electric motor, it is important to ensure the safety of the person using the device . Electric shock must be avoided by touching the body and holding the hand blender.


Most devices provide electromechanical control using buttons and levers. This system is easy to operate and reliable enough .

In some modern models, touch control of the electronic system is provided.

Such devices usually contain small displays that reflect the most important information about the current mode.


Most housewives prefer more reliable blenders powered by 220 V.
When choosing, you should pay attention to the length of the power cord. Inconvenience is noted if it is less than 1 m. A 1.3-1.5 m cord simplifies the connection .

With frequent transportation of the blender and the desire to use it in places where there is no electricity, attention is attracted by self-powered devices, i.e. with built-in rechargeable battery.

High quality, modern devices are equipped with 12V lithium-ion batteries, providing 20-30 uses without recharging .

The main disadvantage of self-powered blenders is the power limitation (no more than 400 W).

When choosing a blender for your home, special attention is paid to cost. For this indicator, an economy category, a mid-price group and professional devices (premium class) stand out.

There are many different equipment on the Russian market, but quality and reliability are guaranteed only by trusted manufacturers .

Smoothie blenders rating Top 7

Smoothie is a very healthy and tasty drink that everyone can prepare in their own kitchen. This will require the availability of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other ingredients, and, of course, a suitable blender.

Not every model will fit, so you need to carefully study the characteristics of the device before buying.

Our experts bring you the best smoothie and shake blenders to make your breakfast delicious and healthy.

TOP 7 best blenders for smoothies and cocktails

A blender, like any other household appliance, makes life in the kitchen easier. This device will allow you to prepare a delicious and healthy smoothie drink. Let’s talk about which model is most suitable for this, taking into account customer reviews.

1. Kitfort KT-1365

The inexpensive smoothie blender is made of quality plastic, but the immersion part is made of stainless steel. Suitable for chopping fruits, vegetables and making smoothies. The device also helps to crush ice. The set includes special travel plastic bottles of 500 and 700 ml, in which you can put a ready-made cocktail and take it with you.

The cord is 2 meters long. The maximum power of the model is 1000 W, 17000 rpm.


  • Affordable price
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Long power cord
  • Glass included


There is a special suction cup at the bottom of the device so that it does not slide on the table during operation.

2. Midea MC-BL1002

Among the best blenders for cocktails and smoothies, there is also the Midea MC-BL1002 model. The device effectively chops vegetables and fruits with a six-blade stainless steel knife. The body is made of metal, and the jug is made of glass. The speed regulation is carried out smoothly using the controls on the body.

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A cheap blender will allow you to make smoothies, grind any fruits and vegetables, even the hardest. You can also crush ice. The jug is removable, so after use it is easy to clean it from the remnants of fruit. Its volume is 1.5 liters. The prepared smoothie is enough for a family of three.


  • Protection against incorrectly positioned bowl
  • Stainless steel case
  • Beautiful design
  • Big bowl


  • Short cord, about a meter

3. Bosch MMB 43G2

A multifunctional blender that allows you to quickly and deliciously prepare a smoothie or cocktail. The device has five speeds, as well as a pulse mode, all this will allow you to quickly chop any vegetables and fruits. The maximum power of the device is 700 watts. The mode switch is mechanical, in the form of a rotary knob.

The blender from Bosch is made of plastic, but the food container is made of glass. The stationary grinder is supplied complete with a 50 ml measuring beaker. The capacity of the jug is 1500 ml, the prepared smoothie is enough for three people.

The design is quite simple, all elements are removable, so they can be easily washed.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Thick glass jug
  • Not noisy when working
  • High build quality
  • Breaking ice


4. Moulinex LM811D10 Perfect Mix

The reliable Moulinex blender allows you to make cocktails for the whole family at once. The volume of its bowl is 1.5 liters. You can grind foods, make fruit smoothies, and make milkshakes.

The device provides high-quality grinding of products. Hard apples can be easily mashed. A kitchen blender will become a real helper in everyday life.

Infinitely variable speed control is carried out by means of a mechanical rotary knob. A special compartment is provided for storing the power cord.

This is the most powerful 1200 watt blender. The rotation speed is 28000 rpm. There is an ice pick function and a self-cleaning function.


  • High quality
  • Durable glass bowl
  • Dense suction cups to the surface
  • High power


  • Auto-cleaning function is not perfect

5. Kitfort KT-1310

A quality blender for homemade cocktails and smoothies. The device looks stylish and will suit any kitchen interior. The knives are made of stainless steel. The glass holder is also made of stainless steel, which looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

The popular blender model has several speed modes that switch smoothly. In addition to the rotary knob, there are three buttons on the case. You can activate the pulse mode, the grinding of products will take place at maximum speed. The program “Smoothie” is also provided. A blender with an ice pick function does its job perfectly.

Despite the fact that the jug is made of plastic, it is of high quality, odorless and no visible seams. All corners and irregularities are smoothed as much as possible. Therefore, in everyday life, this device will only delight the user.

The weight of the glass is 1.1 kg. Its total volume is 2.5 liters, but it shrinks by 0.5 liters for operation.

The plastic lid has a rubberized surface, which ensures a tight closure of the glass. A blender for making large quantities of smoothies and cocktails is the perfect companion in the kitchen.


  • Easy to wash
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Stable
  • High power
  • Modern design
  • Quiet enough


  • Not the highest quality knives

Smoothie mode heats up the contents a little.

6. Philips HR3752

The rating of the best blenders includes this not cheap model, which has a high speed of 35,000 rpm. The power is 1400 W. Smooth adjustment of modes is carried out using a rotating knob on the body.

The user can crush ice, make fruit puree, whisk milkshakes. The pulse mode with maximum speed will allow you to grind any products to an even consistency without lumps.

The device is included in the TOP of the best blenders due to its stylish design and high power. Convenient jug with a capacity of 1.8 liters will allow you to prepare several portions of a cocktail or smoothie.

The jug is made of high quality plastic, which is odorless and does not absorb food odors. Moreover, its weight is very light, which is very convenient to use.

The device can be easily cleaned from dirt after use. The knives can be easily removed; it is enough to rinse them under running warm water. The body and the jug are also easy to clean; it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth.


  • A light weight
  • Powerful
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Compact
  • Blender parts are dishwasher safe


7. RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

A good blender for its value, which has a high power of 2900 watts. The most powerful blender makes it easy to grind a wide variety of foods. If you do not know which brand blender is better, choose RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04. There are mechanical controls on the body. The user can select any of seven speeds to prepare a smoothie or cocktail.

The high power of the device makes it possible to chop even frozen vegetables and fruits. The ice crushing mode does an excellent job with the task. Sharp stainless steel knives are able to grind nuts, vegetables, fruits to the desired state.

The plastic jug has a fairly large capacity – 2 liters. The user will be able to make cocktails or smoothies for the whole family at one time. The container, although plastic, is odorless and is considered environmentally friendly. There are no harmful chemicals in the plastic.

The household appliance is considered multifunctional. It can also be used to prepare homemade ice cream, puddings, various pastas, and any desserts.

There is a special pusher on the lid, which will allow the products that have settled on the walls to be pushed to the knife without stopping the operation of the device.


  • High power
  • Effortlessly chop the hardest foods
  • Simple controls
  • Large bowl capacity


Which blender to choose for smoothies

So, we got acquainted with the best models of blenders, which have won the trust of users for a long time. Which of the above devices to choose is up to each customer individually.

You need to build on your own preferences. For the most powerful blender with many features, choose the RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04.

On a budget, functional shredders such as the Kitfort KT-1365 or the Bosch MMB 43G2 can be considered.

Choosing the perfect blender for smoothies and cocktails

The question of which blender to choose – stationary or submersible – is perhaps the first and one of the most difficult questions when buying this device. The choice depends on how you are going to use the device.

Since this article is about making smoothies and cocktails, then we will choose a smoothie blender.

Have you already got the idea that you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite drink without a special blender? Don’t worry: in fact, if you already have a blender, it will probably work! It’s just that each type of model has its own pros and cons – we’ll talk about them.

Cocktails vs smoothies

The requirements for a blender for making a cocktail and a blender for making smoothies are different, since the recipe for their preparation is very different, and the point here is primarily in the ingredients.

It doesn’t matter which cocktail comes to your mind, it is most likely made up of base liquids – milk or juice – and soft ingredients like syrup, ice cream, fresh berries, or jelly.

This rule works both for alcoholic cocktails in a bar and for dairy ones from fast food restaurants.

Why are there cocktails with strawberries or banana, but rarely where you can find a cocktail with an apple? Because these ingredients are soft, easy to puree and mix with the liquid base.

Why is syrup added to a chocolate cocktail for taste, and the chocolate itself is used only as a decoration? The reason is the same: the syrup is easy to mix with milk and ice cream, which cannot be said about chocolate. In general, you can prepare a cocktail (that is, mix liquid ingredients with soft ingredients) in any mixer, regardless of the parameters.

But with smoothies, the situation is more complicated: in recipes there are always dense foods like nuts, dried fruits, cereals or solid fruits and vegetables, but the main problem is that all classic smoothies use either ice or frozen fruits and berries. This is its “trick”, and it is due to this that its unique consistency is achieved. But smoothies without ice or frozen fruit are just as delicious. Yes, they have a different consistency, but this is already a matter of personal preference.

It turns out that when choosing a blender for smoothies and cocktails, you need to focus on smoothies, because any model can grind soft, but not everyone can cope with dense or hard ingredients.


If you also want to use a blender to make mashed soups, then the situation here is more like making a cocktail, since the ingredients become soft after cooking.

The only thing, keep in mind that a hand blender will be much more convenient simply because you can grind and mix right in a saucepan without pouring into a special container, which is usually also small in volume.

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Criterias of choice

We have already figured out that it is more difficult for a technique to prepare a smoothie than a cocktail. But then how to choose the right model? It all depends on whether you want to use ice and frozen fruits or not.


Choosing a blender for making smoothies is necessary primarily in terms of power, and not according to the submersible-stationary principle! In fact, this question is not even the second. What’s really important is whether the device can handle chunks of ice by crushing them into icy dust.

A power of 300 watts will be quite enough for any kind of grinding: companies of different price categories have such companies – from Scarlett to Brown. But the process will take several minutes, and in a warm room the “snow” will begin to melt quickly, which will ruin the whole consistency.

Most Americans, even at home, use powerful blenders, 1200-1400 watts each: they allow you to make an ice smoothie in a few seconds!

by the way

To make a smoothie “like in a cafe”, you will have to buy a device of the appropriate capacity, and this is a lot of money. Even if the blender is not industrial, but for home use. There are such models on our market, but we do not think that you will want to pay about 30,000 rubles for the opportunity to enjoy the ideal consistency, so you will have to look for a compromise.


With submersible models, this problem is not relevant: you can grind even in a steel glass! A stationary ice smoothie blender must be durable.

It is better if the container is made of durable carbon, and this is again a characteristic of not the cheapest models. Strong, reliable glass is also quite expensive, but flimsy glass and ordinary plastic in such cases can not be trusted.

Yeah, it looks like the desire to feast on a smoothie can cost a pretty penny!

A type

So which blender to choose: submersible or stationary? It doesn’t really matter much. It is believed that it is more convenient and more correct to make smoothies in small stationary blenders.

  • They allow you to achieve a delicate texture, and the puree will simply melt in your mouth.
  • They often have more power, which means they will chop much faster.
  • Working with them, you do not need to control the process and make physical efforts.
  • Such models often come with a bottle in the kit, as they are mainly intended for preparing drinks.

If you drink smoothies every day, then this model is downright sharpened for this drink. But it also has a small number of disadvantages.

  • Good and powerful stand blenders are usually more expensive than submersible blenders.
  • Such models have low versatility: they can only be used for making cocktails, sauces and other small dishes.

But even with a submerged drink, it can turn out no worse! Only there is a risk that you will get tired of standing over the container, holding down the button, and you will not grind the ingredients to a puree consistency. Disadvantages:

  • it will not be possible to achieve the most uniform consistency, small particles of ingredients will still come across in the drink;
  • you have to hold it in your hand, and this is tedious, especially if the blender is not very powerful and grinds slowly.

If this is not a problem for you and you are not at all against small pieces of nuts and fruits, then the advantages of this type will be all the more to your liking.

  • With this model, less dishes get dirty: you can drink directly from the container in which you cooked.
  • These blenders have amazing versatility: they can be used to grind and mix dishes of different sizes and consisting of ingredients of any hardness.
  • Most hand blenders come with a whisk as well as a small container to grind in an enclosed volume, so you can also whisk and grind, for example, a handful of nuts or a few chocolate cubes!

So, if you are a foodie, or if having that very texture is important to you, you will have to fork out for a powerful stationary blender, ideal for making smoothies and cocktails. But if small imperfections do not bother you at all, then you can either use what you already have, or buy a model that will have the greatest functionality.

If you are not going to add ice to the smoothie, then the number of selection criteria is sharply reduced: any modern apparatus will cope with the task of preparing this drink. In this case, the blender can have a power of 300 or even 200 watts, have a glass or carbon container and be both submersible and stationary.

Now you know what to look out for when you go shopping for this little kitchen helper. We hope that the result in the form of delicious drinks will delight you and your loved ones for a long time!

The best blenders for smoothies of 2019: which blender and which attachment to make smoothies, how to choose a model for cocktails

A blender is an indispensable tool for making pureed soups, nut milk, a variety of cocktails and smoothies. The selection criteria are quite simple – power, high-quality performance of moving parts, volume and material of the bowl. The rating contains the best blenders for cocktails and smoothies that are suitable for the user in many ways.


Kitfort KT-1359

  • high power
  • metal drive
  • many speeds
  • clover-shaped bowl

Kitfort KT-1359 is a powerful blender with 15 modes of operation. Its rotation speed is 26 thousand rpm, and its power is 1500 W. The device is equipped with an 8-blade stainless steel knife. Clover-shaped container for efficient mixing of ingredients.

RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04

  • quality performance
  • high power
  • many speeds
  • crushes even seeds of berries, seeds

RAWMID Dream Samurai BDS-04 is a professional device with increased efficiency.

The blender has a high power of 2900 W, which allows you to grind foods of different hardness. High quality 8-blade Japanese knife deserves special attention.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a capacious 2 L plastic bowl with a unique shape for better mixing.

Bosch MMB 43G2

  • quality of materials and workmanship
  • quiet at work
  • good design and ergonomics
  • glass bowl for 2.3 l

Bosch MMB 43G2 is a handy stationary blender with mechanical control.

The device is made of durable and damage-resistant plastic, the bowl is made of heat-resistant glass. The model has 5 speeds, the power is 700 watts.

Thanks to the pulse mode, the user can grind solid products.

Gemlux GL-BL815G

  • stylish appearance
  • metal case
  • small price
  • few speeds

Gemlux GL-BL815G is a quality 2 speed blender.

The model is equipped with an 850 W motor, a 1.5 liter glass bowl. The robust stainless steel housing guarantees stability at high revs. The device has a pulse mode, ice pick and a self-cleaning option.

The maximum speed of the device is 20 thousand rpm.


RAWMID Portable RPB-03

  • wide equipment
  • battery operation
  • stylish design
  • holds charge for a long time

The rating of portable blenders for smoothies is opened by RAWMID Portable RPB-03.

The set includes 2 containers with knives, a whisk, a sieve, a vacuum lid with a pump, a charging cable. 4-blade / 2-blade knives are made of stainless steel. The rotation speed of the USB blender is 15-25 thousand.

rpm, power – 222 W.

Take it x2

  • long charge
  • low price
  • light weight
  • does not grind nuts, seeds

Take It X2 is a 380ml portable blender.

The device is designed for grinding berries, fruits and soft vegetables. Equipped with 2-blade knife and 2000mAh batteries. The model is presented in several color variations, on the case there is a convenient strap for carrying.

It produces 15-22 thousand rpm, the power is 3.7 V.

Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Cup

  • glass made of durable glass
  • whips well
  • wireless charging capability
  • quality performance
  • small battery capacity

Xiaomi brand has released a quality 17PIN Star Fruit Cup blender. The device operates in 1-speed mode, is equipped with a glass bowl with a capacity of 400 ml and a light indication. The blender operates on 2 700 mAh batteries, a full charge lasts up to 15 cups of drink.

Take it x4

  • 4-blade knife
  • high-quality grinding
  • metal case
  • capacious battery
  • no significant shortcomings were identified

The body is made of metal, the container is made of food grade plastic. The device operates at 15-16 thousand rpm, its power is 7.4 V. Equipped with a 400 ml bowl and 4-blade stainless steel knives, providing a more thorough chopping. The battery capacity is 5100 mAh.

How to choose a smoothie and cocktail blender

When choosing a blender for smoothies and cocktails, it is recommended to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Power. It is one of the important indicators. Today blenders are available on the market with power from 200 to 3000 watts. For cocktails, smoothies and purees, it is not necessary to purchase the most productive model. For immersion blenders, the power can be 200-600 W, and for stationary blenders – from 700 W.
  2. Number of speeds. There are devices with stepped and smooth gear shifting. With the help of the latter, you can more accurately select the grinding mode. Stepped models have a wider range of adjustments. To prepare smoothies, a device with 1-2 speeds will be enough, but it is more convenient to work with a large number of adjustments.
  3. Bowl material. There are blenders with glass and plastic containers on the market. Glass bowls are considered more environmentally friendly and durable, over time they do not lose their original appearance. Their disadvantage is fragility. Plastic containers are resistant to mechanical damage and shock. As a rule, these models are cheaper. But they can absorb odors over time.
  4. Bowl volume. For smoothies, it is better to choose a capacious container. When preparing a drink, many components are used and the output will be a small volume. For one serving, you can choose portable models from 400 ml. The best option is a capacity from 1 liter. It should be remembered that the useful volume is less than the figure indicated in the device passport.
  5. Additional options. Modern models, in addition to grinding components, are equipped with additional options. It can be pulse / turbo mode, self-cleaning. The quick chop option is useful when making smoothies, whipping cream or eggs. Pulse will help crack nuts or ice.

Can a smoothie be made with a hand blender

The hand blender performs the same operations as a stationary blender. It differs in compact size, less power. Performs a basic set of functions and copes with many tasks. It can be used to make smoothies, milkshakes, baby food, cream soups, whip cream.

Submersible devices do not always give the desired grinding in cases where the drink contains nuts or frozen berries. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the power. To prepare smoothies from soft ingredients, 200-700 watts will be enough for the user. If you need to crack ice or chop seeds or nuts, then you need to pay attention to models from 800 watts.

To prepare smoothies and smoothies of a homogeneous mass, you need to cut the ingredients into small pieces.

What attachments to make smoothies in a blender

Suitable attachments for smoothies in a blender are chopper and attachment stem. With their help, you can make cocktails, soups, puree, finely chop vegetables and fruits, meat.

The blender leg is the best choice for making cocktails. She finely chops and mixes the components, whips them until creamy.

To obtain a homogeneous mass, as well as for processing nuts and frozen berries, a chopper attachment is suitable.

To make smoothies with a hand blender, you need:

  • place the components in a narrow glass, you can pre-cut into small pieces;
  • select a mode and get to work;
  • cooking time – 30-60 seconds depending on the selected ingredients.

Blenders are a useful kitchen appliance for making smoothies and cocktails. The review involved the best stationary and portable models with different technical indicators. When choosing, you should pay attention to the power, the number of speeds, the material and capacity of the bowl, additional features.

7 best smoothie blenders: which one to choose, reviews, prices, where to buy

Smoothie is a sweet thick drink in the form of berries, fruits or vegetables mixed in a blender with the addition of juice. It is purchased in cafes and shops, but it is safer, more convenient and, most importantly, the best way to cook it yourself at home. The article will help you understand the models that are popular today and choose the best smoothie blender. Also on the site you can find out about the electric breast pump,


There are two categories of blenders: stationary and submersible. Submersibles are distinguished by the presence of various attachments. When working with them, the blades are immersed in the ingredients, and not vice versa. But, unlike stationary devices, they are only intended for mixing and are not able to cope with the more difficult task of crushing ice.

Both do great in making drinks, so which smoothie blender should you choose?

Below are brief descriptions and characteristics of the following quality and proven blenders, which will help you understand which planetary mixer to choose:

  • BOSCH MSM 88190.
  • ProfiCook PC-UM 1086.
  • BORK B800.
  • POLARIS PTB 0207.
  • Kitfort KT – 1301.
  • Philips HR 1377.
  • Galaxy GL 2153.

Also, managers will tell you which multicooker-pressure cooker to choose and which electric kettle is the best on the market. Check out our ranking of the best electric grinders, best bowl mixers for another useful appliance. It’s also helpful to learn about the 7 best Redmond blenders. 

Bosch MSM 88190

The advantage of the model is a special ergonomic handle and a pleasant-to-touch non-slip coating. All removable parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe.

The blender guarantees the owner a quality cut. It will last for many years without compromising quality. It looks sleek and modern.

Category Submersible
Infinitely variable speed control There is
Number of speeds 12
Maximum power 800 watts
Nutrition Net
Immersion material Stainless steel
Color Black, silver

The price range is from 8000 to 9000.

Great blender with quality build. Has a handle that is pleasant to the touch. Knives and graters are sharp. The hand blender grinds in a shallow bowl, but nothing splashes. The only inconvenience is that it is hard to press the buttons with fingers with long nails, the buttons are pressed deep enough.

Bosch MSM 88190

The blender is designed to grind different types of food. Easily cuts vegetables, berries and fruits. With its high functionality, the blender does not take up much space on the kitchen table. It is compact, and the presence of several modes of operation allows you to easily get the desired result when grinding products. Nice appearance.

Class Stationary
Power 1250 Wt
Control Mechanical
Number of speeds 2
Body material Metal
Jug material Glass
Drain cock There is

The average price is 4900 rubles.

The blender lasted for about a year, was used actively several times a day. I bought it specifically for green cocktails and smoothies. It copes well with greens, if it is finely cut, sometimes the leaves remain intact. During the preparation of the smoothie, the pieces of fruit used to float, but this is not critical.

ProfiCook PC-UM 1086


The BORK B800 blender has earned a huge number of positive reviews from buyers due to its 900W power. The blender grinds the toughest foods quickly and efficiently, including ice. Unique knife system. Crushes and mixes thoroughly. Safe to use.

A type Stationary
Control Mechanical
Power 900 watts
Number of speeds 12
Infinitely adjustable There is
Beaker 1 liter
Nozzle material Steel

Price – 18,000 rubles.

I had another blender – I didn’t like it. At the bottom he mixed everything, and on top everything lay as it was. I had to turn it off, mix it up and turn it on again. There is no such problem here.



Inexpensive stationary blender with 1.2 liter glass jug. Due to the presence of a pulse mode, ice is chopped. Making smoothies, cocktails, sauces and fruit purees won’t be a problem. Stylish design. Just disassemble and wash.

Category Stationary
Control Mechanical
Number of speeds 2
Impulse speed There is
Power 500 watts
Nutrition Net
Blender jar material Plastic

The price range is 1400-2000 rubles.

A very useful thing in the kitchen. We make cocktails and smoothies like in my Soviet childhood. I was afraid for a cheap product, but in vain. Powerful, voluminous apparatus, no foreign odors. The glass can be removed without difficulty. It works perfectly for a month. Normal engine sound, no louder than a coffee grinder.


Kitfort KT-1301

Stationary blender Kitfort KT-1301 has established itself as one of the most powerful blenders in its price category. It is capable of efficiently and quickly chopping, whipping and mixing products for making mashed potatoes, smoothies, cocktails, sauces and baby food. There is a sleep timer. Does not absorb odors.

Class Stationary
Control Electronic
Power 1000 watts
Additional modes Breaking ice
Soup cooker Not
Body material Metal
Weight 4.4 kg

The average price is 5500 rubles.

It didn’t cost me much and it works just fine. Stable, roomy, there are 6 speeds. It grinds everything quickly, it is a pleasure to cook puree soup in it.

Kitfort KT-1301

The model has a compact elliptical feed chamber. Blender and mixer rolled into one. Sharp knives crush food in seconds. Free and easy assembly of all attachments. Safe and easy to use.

A type Submersible
Control Mechanical
Number of speeds 5
Power 700 watts
Turbo mode There is
Body material Steel, rubber, polypropylene
Cord length 1.3 m

The price range is 5000-7000 rubles.

The spouse recently presented a Philips HR 1377 blender, which is very convenient. It has many speeds and a Turbo button. I began to make smoothies and cocktails every day, and I also beat and chop various products. Just wash.

Philips HR 1377

Galaxy GL 2153

Blender Galaxy GL 2154 is designed for grinding different types of products, mixes any ingredients in seconds. Ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Does not react with food when heated and does not absorb odors, which is safe for small children. Nice appearance.

Category Stationary
Control Mechanical
Number of speeds one
Additional modes Not
Portable containers 2 (500 ml)
Jug material Plastic
Body material Plastic

The approximate price is 1300 rubles.

In this model I make vegetable and fruit smoothies, protein shakes. I was looking for a blender of just such a purpose with portable containers in the kit, I take them everywhere with me. This saves time on pouring, washing.

Galaxy GL 2153

Where can I buy?

There are a lot of stores selling blenders of different types. Here are some of them that offer good prices:

  • Eldrado.
  • Media Markt.

In case of difficulties, the sales assistant will tell you which planetary mixer to choose, which pressure cooker-multicooker to choose. The rating of the best electric grinders will allow you to choose another useful device. Also on sale are an electric breast pump, the best glass electric kettles, the best mixer with a bowl and the 7 best Redmond blenders.

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