Benefits of quince peel tea: What is it good for?

quince peel tea

All plants contain some properties that are beneficial to human health. Many plants are used in medicine and medicine. Quince is a food that is beneficial for many purposes, both as a fruit and as a tea. Some of its known properties are reducing cough, soothing the throat, and beautifying the skin. How to brew quince peel tea, which has many benefits, and what is the recipe for quince peel tea?

Tea can be made from almost any fruit or herb. These teas are good for different organs or ailments in the human body. There are also herbal teas recommended by doctors for the treatment of some diseases. Quince, which is known to have a strengthening effect on the immune system with the antioxidant properties it contains, benefits human health in many ways by making tea at home. Boiling the remaining peels of the peeled fruit is a remedy for various problems. So, what is the use of quince peel tea?

What are the benefits of quince peel tea?

Like all other foods, quince peel tea can be harmful for allergic people. It should be used under the supervision and approval of a doctor. Otherwise, there are some side effects that may occur. Side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting may occur. The benefits of quince peel tea can be listed as follows:

  • It cleans, brightens and beautifies the skin.
  • It strengthens the hair roots and provides deep cleansing of the hair.
  • It is also perfect for anemia. It is known to make blood.
  • It reduces cough.
  • It has helpful properties in weight control.
  • It balances blood pressure.
  • It has throat softening properties.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Provides resistance against cold, flu and flu in season.
  • It is a skin-friendly herbal tea. It is used to heal some wounds on the skin.
  • It is an herbal tea containing high doses of vitamin C. For this reason, it protects the body against diseases.

How to make quince peel tea?

Honey or lemon can also be added to the quince peel tea prepared with these ingredients, according to desire and taste. When making fruit teas, the seeds of the fruit must be removed and not boiled. How to brew quince peel tea?

Quince peels should be brewed by keeping them in boiling water with other ingredients. It is not correct to prepare it by boiling it with water. Otherwise, the vitamins it contains will lose their effect. The ingredients required for quince peel tea, which can be prepared at home in a few minutes, are as follows:

  • Quince peels (One quince peel will be enough for a cup of quince peel tea.)
  • Cloves as desired
  • Cardamom or cinnamon as desired
  • Apple peel and linden blossom as desired

Quince peel tea recipe is as follows:

  • A cup of fresh and clean drinking water is boiled in a coffee pot.
  • Quince peels, apple peels, optionally added cardamom and linden flowers are thrown into boiled, clean drinking water.
  • Close its mouth and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes at most. It is left to brew like this.
  • It is filtered with the help of a strainer.
  • If you want to obtain a sweeter tea, honey can be added to the prepared tea.

What is quince peel tea good for?

Tea prepared with quince peel, which is consumed abundantly especially on cold winter days, is good for many ailments. Some situations where quince peel tea is good:

  • It is known for its throat softening properties.
  • It also has sedative properties.
  • It is good for cough.

To benefit from all these benefits, consuming one cup a day will be enough. However, it is better to consume it with the recommendation or approval of a doctor, considering its possible side effects. Herbal or fruit teas may cause allergic reactions. For this reason, it is necessary to get doctor’s advice especially for use by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children.

Does quince peel tea make you lose weight?

No food or drink has direct weight loss properties. However, according to the statements made by specialist doctors, some herbal teas have some effects that help lose weight. Quince peel tea is among the herbal teas that help those who want to lose weight by consuming it regularly. It helps those who want to lose weight with its effect on the digestive system and its ability to activate the metabolism. It should be used with the recommendation and approval of a specialist dietitian.

Does quince peel tea cause menstruation?

Many women experience extremely painful and cramping menstrual periods. There are some herbal teas that have a reducing effect on these pains and cramps. Quince peel tea also helps minimize menstrual pain. It is also said that it has diuretic properties. However, if the menstrual period is painful or there is an irregular menstrual period, a doctor should be consulted for treatment, and no treatment or supportive product should be applied without a doctor’s supervision.

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