Benefits of Olive Seed: Is Swallowing Helpful or Harmful?

Benefits of Olive Seed

The olive seed is the seed of the fruit that grows on the olive tree. In other words, it is a seed in the olive that flavors the tables at breakfast. While the health benefits of olives and olive oil are still on the agenda, olive seeds are also included in this class. Some experts have stated that the olive seed is not harmful to human health, and even ingesting it is a cure for many diseases. In the world of food, where a miracle food such as olive is present, its seed continues to attract attention.

When it comes to olive pits and health, many experts are divided into two different opinions. Now, in this article, we will talk about the properties of olive seeds and their importance for health. If you are wondering what the experts’ opinions contain on this subject, we will take a look at all the information. We will now answer all of them whether the olive pit, which was consumed centuries ago, should be consumed or not. After this article, your view of olive seeds will change a lot!

What are the Benefits of Olive Seed?

  • Consumption of olive seeds will be a precaution against stomach diseases. Experts have made statements stating that it is necessary to consume olive seeds as well as almonds and hazelnuts. In this way, heartburn and intestinal problems are prevented and it feels better.
  • Olive seeds will strengthen and relax the inner part of the stomach. Thanks to this effect, conditions such as constipation and indigestion are prevented.
  • Ingestion of olive seed is recommended against prostate disease seen in men. The substances contained in the olive kernel minimize the risk of men getting prostate cancer.
  • The most serious dimension of heartburn is ulcer disease. It is recommended that patients diagnosed with ulcers consume olive seeds after obtaining the doctor’s approval. Since it regulates stomach acids, it makes people feel more comfortable. Being stomach-friendly is known as the benefit of olive seeds. Experts comment that olive seed heals diseases such as reflux and ulcers.
  • It is also known that the olive kernel has pain-relieving properties and if consumed, the pain in the stomach will be relieved. You can also take advantage of its healing properties in the field of aromatherapy by supplying olive seed oil.
  • For muscle and bone pain, you can crush the olive seed and make a natural treatment at home.

Is It Beneficial To Swallow Olive Seeds? Is it harmful?

Is It Beneficial To Swallow Olive Seeds?

If you are in a dilemma when you want to swallow the olive pit, it is necessary to clarify this issue now. The olive seed is hardcore with pointed ends due to its structure. Before swallowing, you may wonder if it melts in the stomach or causes stinging in the stomach. If you are in between on this issue, you can grind the olive seed into powder and consume it. According to studies, ingesting olive seeds is not a health hazard. You can swallow olive seeds for general body resistance and stomach health.

Is It Harmful To Swallow Olive Seeds?

When examining the harms of swallowing the olive kernel, some experts recommend that it should not be swallowed. It is stated that it is very difficult and long for the olive kernel to be broken down by the stomach. It is also discussed that it can damage the intestines because the ends are sharp. If you have hemorrhoids disease and you have swallowed olive seeds, your hemorrhoidal wounds may be damaged if the olive seed is expelled from the body. Finally, if you do not want to see any harm from the olive seed, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor before swallowing and act according to your health status.

In 2017, there is news that a child got an olive seed in his throat and went to the hospital with difficulty in breathing. It is stated that this sick child had cerebral palsy and was saved very hard. The news that an adult person also experienced the same event is in the archives. When the past news is examined, it is stated that there are olive seed damages. When swallowing the olive kernel, it is recommended to pay attention to whether it is in powder form or very finely crushed. The healthiest form of consumption should be olive seed powder.

What Do Experts Recommend About Ingesting Olive Seeds?

When you want to do social media research to see if olive seeds are ingested, you can come across many expert opinions and articles. When all of these articles are examined, two different opinions will emerge: There will be those who approve of ingesting the olive pit, and there will be those who see the ingestion of the olive pit as harmful. We have researched the opinions of experts for you to eliminate the question mark in your mind.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül states that ingesting the olive seed is good for stomach and intestinal health and is a preventive measure against cancer. Dr. Muammer Yıldız, on the other hand, stated in the television program that he swallowed the olive seed himself and did not cause any stomach problems. prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, on the other hand, tells that the purpose of using the olive kernel is important. It emphasizes that it is very healing, effective in eliminating tonsillitis, and is consumed for diseases such as tonsillitis. He recommends crushing the olive pit well and wrapping it around the throat in a cheesecloth.

In addition, swallowing an olive seed is included in the hadith in religious sources as follows:

“Mr. They are having breakfast with Ali (RA). Hz. Muhammad (PBUH) put a smile on his face… Without making him feel, he sent the pits of the olives he ate to Hz. He piles it in front of Ali (RA)… Finally, Hz. He showed Ali (RA) the olive pits in front of him and said:
“O Ali, how many olives have you eaten? ” he says.
Hz. Ali (RA) answers with a very serious appearance.
“Yes, O Messenger of Allah! But you also ate it with its seeds. Look, there is no core in front of you.” [6]

Does Olive Seed Make You Weak?

Various methods are being tried to get rid of excess weight. The healthiest method is to apply a nutrition program organized under the control of a dietitian. In recent days, the effect of olive seed on weight loss has been on the agenda frequently. So, does olive seed have a weakening effect? Let’s explain this issue as follows:

The olive seed does not weaken you directly, it helps you to lose weight. The effect will be to regulate your intestinal health. If you have a healthy intestinal system, your metabolism will work fast and you will be able to lose weight. Of course, if you pay attention to your diet during the periods when you swallow the olive seed, you can see the effect in your intestines.

What Color Should An Olive Seed Be?

Consuming olives for breakfast and other meals has numerous health benefits. Starting the day with a few olives will both keep you full and balance blood pressure. Of course, there are dozens of olive companies and producers in the market. Some companies do some commercial fraud by dipping olives in food coloring to make them brighter and blacker. We will give you a great tip to understand whether the olive you will buy is natural or not. By looking at the core of the olive, you can understand whether it is dyed or natural.

The following features attract attention in a painted olive:

  • Hold the olive and squeeze it. If your fingers have a purple or blue color, this olive is dyed.
  • If the core is very dark, it is most likely dyed.
  • Taste before you buy. If it left a sour taste on your palate, this olive is not natural.
  • The core of natural olives is between dark brown tones and black. Black seeded olives are definitely dyed.

What are the Benefits of Olive?

  • Olive is one of the heart-friendly foods.
  • It is included in a healthy diet as it contains dietary fiber.
  • As it is an antioxidant nutrient, it expels harmful substances from the body.
  • Thanks to vitamins, it eliminates problems such as anemia.
  • Blood pressure balances.
  • Protects reproductive health in men and women.
  • It protects skin and hair health as it contains vitamin E.
  • It takes control of the digestive system.

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