Benefits and Usage of Donkey Milk Soap

Benefits of Donkey Milk Soap

Donkey milk, which contains similar protective and nutritional elements to breast milk, has stood out as a miraculous source of healing throughout history. The liter price of donkey milk, which is very valuable because donkeys give very little milk daily, is over 100 liras.

Everyone knows that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra took a milk bath to stay young, but for some reason it is not often said that that milk was donkey milk . Moreover, Queen Cleopatra needed the milk of 700 donkeys for one bath. Yes, not only is donkey milk drunk for healing purposes or applied to the body, it has also been used as soap for centuries and its benefits are endless.

Since donkey milk soap has been known for its benefits for centuries, people throughout history have used this soap to get more beautiful skin. Donkey milk soap can cure many skin problems, especially acne.

If you want, let’s take a look at what donkey milk soap is good for, with its benefits and positive properties.

What is donkey milk soap used for?

What are the Benefits of Donkey Milk Soap?

  • Donkey milk soap provides great benefits to the skin with its rejuvenating effect and delays the effects of aging. Providing a younger appearance, donkey milk soap stands out with its anti-wrinkle and skin regenerating properties.
  • It balances the moisture content and provides the skin with a firmer, fuller appearance. It has a positive effect on damaged and dry skin in cold months.
  • It is effective on skin blemishes and skin darkening, and helps the blemishes go away easily. It can remove spots, especially those seen in old age, thanks to its cell renewal feature.
  • While protecting the skin against wear, irritation and rashes, it removes dead cells and provides a deep cleansing. It makes it easier for rashes due to allergic reactions on the skin and significantly reduces the feeling of itching.
  • Donkey milk soap creates an effective protection shield against acne, blackheads and acne.
  • Its rich vitamin and mineral content protects skin health and contributes to the regeneration of problematic cells. Regular use is recommended for a healthier and brighter skin.
  • Donkey milk soap is used as an auxiliary agent in the treatment of psoriasis. It provides faster treatment of many similar skin problems, especially eczema.
  • Donkey milk soap cleans and purifies the skin with its antibacterial properties.
  • It is effective on the hair, prevents dandruff formation, and helps the hair renew and repair itself.

benefits of donkey milk soap

What is Donkey Milk Soap for and how is it used?

  • Donkey milk soap, which is an effective and functional product against skin problems, stands out as a very easy-to-use product.

Donkey milk soap, whose method of use may vary depending on the purpose and place of use, is generally used 3 times a day:

  • When donkey milk soap is used against acne and other facial problems, it should be foamed and applied to the skin like a mask in the morning, noon and evening.
  • After waiting for at least 5 minutes, the skin is washed and rinsed with water.
  • There are no known problems with the harmful effects of donkey milk soap. Donkey milk soap, a natural soap with no side effects, can be used on all parts of the body with peace of mind.
  • Although donkey milk soap has no known harm, it is recommended to discontinue use and consult a doctor in case of any sensitivity as allergic problems may occur in rare cases due to the high concentration of some substances.

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What Substances Are Found in the Structure of Donkey Milk?

  • Donkey milk, which is a sought-after product for its cosmetic benefits as well as its nutritional properties, contains many minerals, especially sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B2, B1, E and C.
  • Donkey milk, which is high in lactose and rich in fat and calcium, has a more sugary taste.
  • Donkey milk, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects when used as soap.
  • Donkey milk, which strengthens the immune system and helps cell regeneration when drunk, also has a healing feature as soap, thanks to its essential fatty acids.

Benefits of donkey milk soap to the skin

Is Donkey Milk Soap Good for Acne?

Donkey milk soap provides an effective solution alternative to acne problems.

  • Donkey milk soap, which can prevent acne formation thanks to its antibacterial properties, also contributes to the repair of acne scars.
  • In addition to donkey milk soap, which nourishes and repairs the skin and helps damaged areas renew itself, products such as donkey milk cream and donkey milk mask can also be used effectively against acne.
  • Donkey milk soap has a peeling effect when used regularly and helps completely clean the skin pores.
  • It is also effective in making the skin smoother and looking brighter.

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What are the Benefits of Donkey Milk Soap for Hair?

Donkey milk soap has positive effects not only on the skin but also on the hair.

  • Donkey milk soap, which can be used with peace of mind and as often as desired when washing hair, gives your hair a much more beautiful appearance when used regularly.
  • Hair washed regularly with donkey milk soap gains volume and creates a well-groomed appearance. The soap reduces hair loss and has a preventive effect on the scalp from blistering and dandruff formation.
  • Donkey milk soap prevents itching on the scalp, prevents allergic reactions and eliminates bacteria.
  • It can play a helpful role during ringworm treatment.

Is donkey milk soap haram?

Is Donkey Milk Soap Haram?

  • In Islam, the use of donkey milk is prohibited and forbidden by Hadith. It is clearly stated in many authentic hadiths that donkey meat is haram. According to Islamic Jurisprudence, the milk of animals whose meat is haram is also considered haram.
  • Some Islamic scholars considered donkey milk as makruh, and although some scholars saw it as halal, the majority of it was considered haram. The haram rule applies not only to drinking milk but also to using it with products such as cream and soap.
  • However, in Islam, which is the religion of convenience, uses for therapeutic purposes are kept separate. Donkey milk soap can be used for therapeutic purposes with the advice of a Muslim physician who is an expert in his field.
  • Donkey milk soap can be easily used in cases such as psoriasis and eczema, with the advice of a doctor. The religiously permissible use is to use it in the amount needed for treatment purposes in cases of necessity.
  • The meat and milk of the wild donkey are halal; However, it is not possible to achieve this under today’s conditions.

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