Balcony Plants – Best Plants for sunny balconies

Balcony Plants

What are the plants that can be on sunny balconies? These small areas allow us to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house, but they are also an essential part of the facade of our facade. For this reason, it is very interesting to personalize it to our liking by putting flowers, bushes or other plants to beautify it.

Obviously, we must take into account the climatic conditions in our area, because if it is exposed to the star king for a big day, we want to look for crops that are able to resist its rays. So, we show you a series of plants for sunny balconies, so you just have to choose.


1 Aladierno (Rhamnus alaternus)

2 Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

3 cloves (Dianthus caryophyllus)

4 Euonymous japonicus

5 Geraniums and Gypsies (Geranium and Pelargonium)

6 Lavender (Lavandula SP)

7 Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata)

8 China Rose (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis)

9 Rose bush (Rosa sp)

10 Rosary (Senecio rowleyanus)

Aladierno ( Rhamnus alaternus )

El aladierno It is an evergreen tree that grows between 2 and 8 meters in height. The leaves are lanceolate, green or variegated (green and whitish) and leathery. The flowers are grouped in small but very dense clusters, and it produces first berries that are red first and turn black when they are ripe. Tolerates pruning and drought , as well as frosts of -12 º C.

Bird of paradise ( Strelitzia reginae )

The plant known as bird of paradise it is an herb with rhizomatous roots that is mostly growing 1-XNUMX feet. It has oval leaves with long petioles (the stem that connects it to the root), leathery in texture and green in color. From spring to summer, it produces its curious flowers in the shape of a tropical bird, although it takes about five years for seeds to bloom for the first time. It is sensitive to frost, although it supports up to -2 ºC if they are accurate and of short duration.

Carnation ( Dianthus cariophilus )

The carnation or carnation is an herbaceous plant that produces what is considered the national flower of Spain . It grows between 40 and 60 cm in height blooms from spring to even fall if no frost is recorded or if this is more typical for winter. It is so easy to care for that it needs only watered and occasionally and the flowers removed once they fade. Supports up to -7 º k.

Evanimo ( Euonymus japonicus )

El eponymous this is a shrub, rarely a tree that grows between 2 and 8 meters. It has oval leaves, green or variegated (green and yellow) depending on the variety or cultivar. Tolerates pruning very well, which occurs at the end of winter, and frosts down to -18 º k.

Geraniums and Gypsies (Geranium and Pelargonium)
The geranium and gypsy they are common plants on Andalusian balconies, would not you like them too on yours? They are bushes that on average grew over 40-60 cm They bloom in spring and until late summer. The flowers are pink, white or red. The only downside is that they need geranium fly preventative treatments, but otherwise they are very welcome plants. They support up to -2 ºC, but if it is colder in your area, you can make them perfect indoors with light.

Lavender (Lavandula SP)

All lavender species they need to get as many hours of sunlight as possible. The bushes or false shrubs grow around a meter in height and bloom in the spring. They are aromatic and they are also very interesting because they resist drought and repel mosquitoes. In addition, they support up to -12 º C on average.

Plumbago ( Plumbago auriculata )

Known as plumbago or matchstick , it is an evergreen shrub that reaches a height of 1.8 meters. The leaves are green and are approximately 4-6 cm long. It blooms safely in summer, producing blue or white flowers depending on the variety. And if this is not enough, can be grown as a climbing or hanging plant , since it has quite long stems. Resist -7 º C.

China Rose ( Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis )

El China Pink Hibiscus It is a shrub that normally behaves like an evergreen, but if the winter is cold, it loses its leaves. It grows between 2 and 5 meters tall and blooms throughout spring and summer. The flowers are white, yellow, red, orange or pink, with one or two crowns of petals. And they are about 6-7 cm long. It needs sun to bloom, but it can not bear frost below -3 ºC.

Rose bush (Rosa sp)

If you want to add an aroma to your balcony, do not hesitate to get a rose that produces scented flowers, such as the cultivar ‘Peter Asquith’ with a white flower with pink reflections or the ‘heritage’, with a pink flower. The latter is a creation of David Austin , a famous English rose grower who dedicated a good part of his life to the production of new cultivars. Most of the rose bushes bear well cold and frosts down to -15 º k but need regular pruning for a long year.

Rosary (Senecio rowleyanus)

The plant known as rosario it is a perennial succulent that has the leaves in the form of balls of diameter about 5 millimeters. In summer, it produces white flowers about a diameter in diameter. It can grow creeping or hanging with stems that are approximately 1 meter long. . You must water it very occasionally, let the soil dry between waterings, so you can enjoy it for many years. Obviously, the low temperature of -2 ºC do not hesitate to place it at home.


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