8 Lesser-Known Harms of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

Harms of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

Tomato is a food that was described as the love fruit in the 1500s. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it strengthens the immune system of those who consume it. Tomatoes are used very often in salads, soups and meals and add color to every recipe they are used in. Tomato, which has more than one kind of variety, is an indispensable element of Turkish dishes. It is especially loved at breakfast tables.

Regular consumption of tomatoes is recommended by experts. However, you should not miss the measure while consuming. If you consume lots of tomatoes at every meal; your health may face the harms of tomatoes.

Now we will give you the answers to the question of what are the harms of tomatoes. Especially if you consume raw tomatoes in excessive amounts; After reading our article, you can check your meals. The harms of raw tomatoes, overcooked tomatoes and tomato juice will draw attention in these lines.

The Harms of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

  • Invites Reflux
  • Triggers Joint Pains
  • Slows Kidney Functions
  • Causes Skin Blemishes
  • Impairs Intestinal Health
  • Tires the Bladder
  • Causes Allergies
  • Causes Prostate Disease in Men

8 Lesser-Known Harms of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

1) Invites Reflux

  • It is worth noting that the tomato is an acidic fruit. Due to its acidic structure, it tires the stomach in excessive consumption.
  • Especially since too much consumption of raw tomatoes will upset the balance of stomach acids, it is necessary to set a limit.
  • If you feel heartburn very often after eating tomatoes; You should be careful to eat tomatoes in moderation.

2) Triggers Joint Pains

  • Tomato, which is a useful food in regular consumption, causes an accumulation of an alkaloid called solanine, which creates calcium in the joints when consumed excessively.
  • As a result of this accumulation, the structure of the joints is affected and often causes pain.
  • Of course you will consume tomatoes. However, when consuming, you should take care to eat a certain amount for each meal. You can protect joint health by being careful to add a small amount of tomato for 1 serving of food.

3) Slows Kidney Functions

  • Tomatoes, which are rich in many vitamins and minerals, are also rich in oxalate minerals.
  • Oxalate is a mineral that causes kidney stone formation. Therefore, it is recommended to consume tomatoes in limited quantities.
  • In order not to tire the kidneys suddenly and to prevent the formation of stones, you need to determine the size of tomato consumption.

4) Causes Skin Blemishes

  • Too much consumption of tomatoes will cause damage to the face and side effects on the skin.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene. If consumed excessively; It creates a skin patch called lycopenoderma.
  • These spots, which draw attention especially on the face and back, are more common in those who consume more tomatoes.
  • Moderation is always good for you.

5) Impairs Intestinal Health

  • Those with intestinal stagnation should be more sensitive when consuming tomatoes.
  • Particularly, those who have irritable bowel syndrome are advised to be careful not to deal with more burning and swelling problems.
  • It should not be forgotten that tomatoes are an acidic food, and it should be noted that excess acid will tire the stomach.

6) Tires the Bladder

  • Bladder problems lead men and women to stressful days. In order not to experience these days, it is recommended to limit the consumption of raw tomatoes.
  • Its acidic nature causes irritation of the bladder. If you urinate frequently after consuming tomatoes; It will be better to be moderate in tomato consumption.
  • Let’s say that if acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon are added to the tomato, which has an acidic structure, it will be more dangerous.

7) Causes Allergies

  • Tomatoes are an allergenic food. It is known as the last food to be given to babies during the transition to supplementary food. The reason for this is the redness and irritation it may cause on the skin.
  • Tomato, which contains the substance “histamine”, which strengthens the immune system, causes a reaction on the skin when consumed too much.
  • If you eat a lot of tomatoes at every meal during the day; redness and itching on your skin can be expected.

8) Causes Prostate Disease in Men

  • Lycopene in tomato seeds puts the reproductive health of men at risk. Studies show that tomatoes affect the prostate glands.
  • It is noteworthy that those who consume excessive tomatoes feel burning while urinating. Also, pain in the urinary tract is an expected side effect.
  • It should be reminded that men who consume a lot of tomatoes are more likely to experience many problems affecting their reproductive health.

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