8 Benefits of Peas That Will Surprise You

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Peas are a useful vegetable that has large green grains and contains these grains in a special shell. Today, peas grown in many countries are known as tiny green energy grains in salads and meals. Peas, which are recommended to be consumed in every period of life, have strong effects that protect the immune system.

When spring comes, the peas, which take their place on the market stalls, are sold in their fresh form and the buyer needs to sort the peas they bought. If the pea sorting process is too difficult for you; Let us remind you that this process is quite easy. We would like to give you miracle information about the pea plant by suggesting you to buy canned peas for use in instant meals.

What’s on this page? There are pea benefits for health, pea protein ratio and all nutritional values ​​for those who are on diet. Now if you’re wondering what the peas are about, the grain has been expressed. If we are talking about peas, of course, we have added the recipe for delicious pea dishes. Get ready for the feast at the end of the page!


  • 8 Amazing Benefits of Peas, Source of Vitamins and Fiber
  • 1) Prevents Stomach Diseases
  • 2) Refreshes the Skin
  • 3) Balances Blood Sugar
  • 4) Protects Brain Cells
  • 5) Accelerates Metabolism
  • 6) Great Support for Pregnancy Period
  • 7) Source of Calcium
  • 8) Healthy Hair from Root to Tip
  • Peas Calories and Nutritional Information
  • Where and How Does Peas Grow?
  • 12 Delicious Peas Recipes That Get Much Likes

8 Amazing Benefits of Peas, Source of Vitamins and Fiber

1) Prevents Stomach Diseases

  • Peas are one of the stomach friends. Thanks to the polyphenols it has, it destroys bacteria that will harm the stomach.
  • Due to its fiber content, it relieves the stomach and eliminates the feeling of bloating.

2) Refreshes the Skin

  • The structure of peas contains alpha-carotene. As soon as you hear this ingredient, you can be sure that it will beautify your skin.
  • Because the oiliness of the skin of people who consume peas disappears.
  • Because it is an antioxidant food; It helps the skin to look purer and brighter.

3) Balances Blood Sugar

  • Peas contain fiber and protein. With this aspect, it plays a role in balancing the sugar level in the blood.
  • Peas, which have a very low sugar rate, prevent sudden sugar spikes.
  • It is effective in diabetic nutrition.

4) Protects Brain Cells

  • Peas contain vitamins A and K.
  • These vitamins play an active role in the protection of brain cells.
  • If you are at risk of Alzheimer’s; You can stay away from nervous patients by consuming plenty of peas.

5) Accelerates Metabolism

  • Peas are a high-fiber vegetable.
  • The fibers in its structure are very effective, especially for those who want to lose weight.
  • Peas, which have a stimulating effect on metabolism, also help to accelerate fat burning.
  • You can get the energy needed in the slimming process from peas.

6) Great Support for Pregnancy Period

  • Peas are one of the sources of folic acid and are the greatest helper of women planning pregnancy.
  • In order to keep the folic acid values ​​in the ideal figure, the peas you will consume make it easier for the baby to hold onto the uterus.
  • It is recommended to consume peas for successful completion of DNA synthesis.

7) Source of Calcium

  • Peas, which are a strong source of protein and calcium, should be given to babies starting from the transition period to solid food.
  • Thus, the foundations of stronger bone structure are laid in the future.
  • Do not forget to add peas to your diet to stay away from osteoporosis and prepare yourself for a healthier tomorrow.

8) Healthy Hair from Root to Tip

  • If you prefer organically produced peas; You can see the reflection of this preference in the shine in your hair.
  • The secret to strong and shiny hair is the vitamins in peas.
  • If you want to protect your hair health; You should consume peas.

Peas Calories and Nutritional Information

If you want to take a look at the nutritional value and calorie amount of peas, which is safely preferred in diet nutrition; You can see these numbers:

Nutritional value of 100 grams of peas:

  • 63 grams of Carbs
  • 36 grams of Protein
  • 22 grams Fat
  • 5 grams of Fiber
  • 3mg Sodium
  • 271mg Potassium
  • 27mg Calcium
  • 801 iu of vitamin A
  • 2mg of vitamin C
  • 54 Iron

Peas are among the foods that are low in calories. The following information will be useful for those who will do portion control:

  • 100 grams of peas: 84 calories
  • 1 cup of peas: 126 calories
  • 1 tablespoon of peas: 13 calories
  • 1 heaped tablespoon: 21 calories

Where and How Does Peas Grow?

  • The answer we will give to your question in which region is peas grown the most is
  • Completing a 20%share of our country’s pea need, Afyon is very successful in producing peas.
  • Peas, which love temperate climates, can neither withstand very cold nor dry summers. Peas have a durable structure, but this structure also requires care.
  • Peas, which love cool and moist soils, are grown in abundance in the Mediterranean provinces in spring.
  • As soon as you wonder in which season peas grow, spring months will come to your mind.
  • When you want to buy ready-made peas, the price of peas attracts attention from an average of 10 TL in 2019.
  • You can buy it as a package or canned food and enjoy it.

12 Delicious Peas Recipes That Get Much Likes

We add delicious recipes for you, which are sought by those who want to eat healthy and have a healthy life. You can spend your meals in a delicious way with these special recipes that taste the peas!

1) Star of the Menu: Meatballs and Peas Dish

If you have not yet clarified what you will do in the evening; You can try the meatball pea dish and gather everyone to the table with the delicious smells in the kitchen. Click now to apply a hearty and delicious recipe! Meatballs with Peas

2) Extremely Light Low Calorie: Artichoke Peas with Olive Oil

All you need to have a heart and stomach-friendly meal is to try this recipe. Yes, beneficial vegetables that protect the stomach and heart are delicious in this recipe. Those who love olive oil dishes should definitely try it!

3) The Way to Make Children Love: Pasta with Peas

When you want to add some color and difference to the pasta, prepare a handful of peas. Those who try pasta with peas both facilitate digestion and get the benefits of peas in a delicious way!

4) Hearty and Nutritious: Meat Pea Meal

Our special recipe, which comes to your rescue when you are undecided about the main courses, comes to flavor the invitations. You will feel the harmony of meat and peas deliciously in your stomach. Check out the recipe for a hearty and filling meal!

5) Budget Friendly Exquisite! Meatless Pea Meal

If you are not comfortable with meat or do not prefer to eat it; You can also try peas without meat. In this state, appetizing peas will protect the intestines for life. Those who want to make a practical meal, do not forget to click on the recipe! Meatless Pea Meal

6) Rice With It: Potatoes, Carrots, Peas

When you want to prepare a table that appeals to the eyes and stomach, you can try the peas with meat, which is a delicious match with rice. While meat and peas take their place on your plate as a complete protein store; It’s up to you to take this flavor to the fullest! Potato Carrot Pea Dish

7) Try This: Chicken Meal With Peas

The pea dish, which is appetizing with red meat, is also very satisfying when cooked with chicken. To easily try the delicious details of the main dishes, check out our chicken with peas recipe and go to the kitchen. We believe you will have this dish ready in minutes! Chicken Meal with Peas

8) Yummy Idea! Whole Peas Rice

Whatever food you are cooking, but; Make sure to make room for rice with peas on your table. This unique recipe, which is in harmony with every dish, is ambitious enough to whet the appetite of those who see it. The taste of rice with peas, which makes you forget the classic pilaf, is in this recipe! Pea Rice

9) For Light Meals: Pea Salad

Those who are looking for an auxiliary flavor in the lightest meals or at the tea tables, should not forget to try the pea salad recipe. All the ingredients are prepared in a practical way and take their place on your table to whet the appetite with its color.

10) Hot Starters: Pea Soup

Pea soup, which has a great place in baby nutrition, is a soup with high nutritional value. This healing recipe, which attracts attention with its very easy preparation, will protect everyone’s health, regardless of whether they are children or adults!

11) Same Taste for 4 Seasons: Storing Peas in the Freezer

The easiest and long-lasting way to store the peas you pick fresh in the season! Thanks to the peas that do not lose their vitamin throughout the year, it is very easy to prepare instant vegetable dishes! How Does?  Storing Peas in the Freezer

12) For Long-Term Consumption: Canned Peas

We recommend that you canned the peas bought on spring days to consume them all year. The preservation method of peas, which is used in everything from soup to salad, is only in this recipe!


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