7 simple tips to combat heartburn

Heartburn is a very uncomfortable condition and its symptoms can be alleviated through simple measures, such as improving eating habits, increasing the consumption of foods rich in fiber, avoiding drinking during meals and eating at least 2 hours before going to bed, for example.

Heartburn occurs due to the arrival of gastric juices in the esophagus, which causes a feeling of discomfort and burning, as well as burping and a bad taste in the mouth. It can occur due to pregnancy, unhealthy eating habits, being overweight or taking medications. Learn about the main causes of heartburn .

Although heartburn symptoms can be easily combated by changing habits, if they are persistent, it is important to consult a gastroenterologist so that the cause of these symptoms can be determined and the most appropriate treatment can be started.

Some tips to relieve heartburn and reduce the frequency of symptoms are:

  1. Avoid foods that cause heartburn

Foods that cause heartburn cause the release of excess gastric juice because they are more difficult to digest or because they contain a lot of preservatives, fats or sugars. These foods include all processed foods, such as cookies, frozen foods, sauces, sausages and soft drinks, for example.

In addition, there are foods that, despite being of natural origin, cause heartburn because they require extra effort from the stomach to digest, such as citrus fruits, peppers and drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine such as wine, green tea, black tea and coffee.

Check out a more complete list of foods you should avoid .

  1. Include easily digestible foods in your diet

The most recommended foods for those who suffer from heartburn are mainly those of natural origin and easy to digest, such as non-citrus fruits, vegetables and legumes in general. This way the stomach does not need to produce more gastric juice to dissolve them, preventing heartburn.

In addition, fruits such as pears and aromatic herbs, such as basil and rosemary, for example, can be used during attacks to relieve the burning sensation. Check out  6 home remedies to relieve heartburn during an attack .

  1. Reduce the amount of food at meals

To reduce the frequency of heartburn attacks, it is recommended that people reduce the amount of food they eat per meal. This happens because when the stomach is fuller than normal, it can end up producing more gastric juice than necessary, in addition to facilitating reflux that worsens heartburn.

  1. Go to bed 2 hours after your last meal

People who suffer from heartburn may have the pit of their stomach a little more open than normal, and when lying down right after a meal, the gastric juices that digest the food can end up rising and causing a burning sensation.

Furthermore, it is recommended that the position when lying down be on the left side of the body, as the stomach has a small curvature that remains upwards in this position, preventing gastric juices from causing burning in the pit of the stomach or throat.

  1. Don’t drink and eat at the same time

Consuming liquids during meals, even those of natural origin, such as fruit juice or even water, is not recommended for those who suffer from heartburn. This is because the acid present in the stomach, when mixed with the liquid that was ingested, doubles in quantity, and this makes it easier for the gastric contents to rise to the esophagus, generating the burning sensation.

Furthermore, the consumption of soups and broths is also not recommended for those who suffer from heartburn.

  1. Don’t skip meals throughout the day 

Gastric juice is always being produced by the body, even during sleep. Therefore, skipping meals can leave the stomach lining exposed for a long time in direct contact with the acidic pH of gastric juice, causing heartburn and, in more severe cases, even gastric ulcers. See the symptoms of gastric ulcers and how they are treated .

  1. Avoid obesity or being overweight

Being overweight can sometimes cause heartburn, as excess fat around the stomach muscles exerts pressure, pushing gastric juice out of the organ, causing burning and even possible lesions in the esophagus. If heartburn is caused by these factors, it is recommended that you consult a nutritionist so that you can lose weight in a healthy and appropriate way.

Watch the video below for more tips on what to do to relieve heartburn symptoms and prevent them from returning:


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