7 Important Benefits and Uses of Banana Peel

Uses of Banana Peel

Tropical banana is the rhizome fruit of the plant named Musa, which is grown in Asian lands and is among the most popular fruits of today, with its origins dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Assyrian civilizations. Did you know that while the use of ‘banana’ is common in our language, based on the family it is a member of, ‘banana’ is derived from the word meaning finger in Arabic?

In addition to its unique aroma with its soft, dehydrated and meaty structure, banana is highly nutritious thanks to its rich content of potassium, fiber, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A and C. So what’s the mystery behind the widely recognized benefits of banana peel on the digestive, immune, and nervous system?

The benefits of banana peel, which literally meets the phrase “vitamin in the peel”, are under the spotlight in this article! If you throw away the peel after eating a banana, we advise you to think again. Because we will share information that will surprise you , from acne treatment to plant care, from polishing silver at home to pain relief.

Then, what is the use of the banana peel, is it good to eat, what is good for you, are waiting for you with all its clarity in the sub-titles listed below, are you ready?

Banana Peel Benefits – The Vitamin Is Really In The Peel! Here Are Those Interesting Information…

The banana peel rushed in and the following sentence flowed from his lips: “I wanted to go back to those peels you threw in the trash after eating and have a look…”

Kidding aside, did you know that you can treat your acne with a banana peel or that you can relieve that sudden ache in your head? That you can provide your plants with the nutritional supplement they need and even teeth whitening?

Well, why are the benefits of banana peel so important, what kind of constructive effects does it have on health, or what is the use of banana peel, how is it used? Let’s examine it together:

1) Banana Peel is Almost Your Home Dermatologist with its Benefits for the Skin!

Did you know that the banana peel acts as a mask on its own? So, how to apply banana peel to the skin? Enjoy your banana, and rub the peel on your clean skin in circular motions. It’s that simple!

  • Banana peel, which has healing effects on your skin, is the first among the benefits of antioxidants for the skin .
  • If you are experiencing problems such as acne and acne on your skin , after cleaning this area, massage with a banana peel regularly for 2 weeks.
  • Or, scrape the white layer inside the banana peel off with a spoon and add it to a mask that you have applied and seen the effect of before.
  • Thanks to its purifying and refreshing feature , you can apply a banana mask with only one material instead of chemical products with additives.
  • Banana peel prevents the accumulation of dirt and sebum on the skin, which causes the formation of blackheads.
  • Thanks to the anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effect of the banana peel, you can have a much brighter skin with regular use!
  • Banana peel also has therapeutic properties for under-eye bruises, swelling and tired appearance.
  • It has been observed that banana peel is conducive to improvements in skin problems such as calluses, warts, and moles as a result of regular use; Since it prevents and cleans the formation of bacteria and microbes, you can safely apply it to this area.

2) Banana Peel in Flower Soil, Look What’s Happening!

  • This time , the banana peel acts as a fertilizer for your houseplants. How Does?
  • You can add softened banana peels that have been rested in a bottle filled with water for 1-2 days to the soil of your garden or potted plants in pieces.
  • You can water your plants with the water you keep in it.
  • Thanks to its rich mineral values, you will notice the vitality in your plants; The banana peel will provide the necessary nutritional supplement to the flower soil .
  • Adding a banana peel to an orchid? Certainly! You can get chirpy blooms by mixing pieces of banana peel with orchid peat.
  • You can prepare homemade fertilizer with the banana peel coffee eggshell trio.
  • All you have to do is mix all these ingredients with the help of a blender and add them to the soil of the plant you want.

3) White Teeth Like A TV Actress EHEHE

  • How would you like to find a practical solution to teeth whitening procedures done with high budgets in your own home?
  • At this point, banana peel offers both an economical and natural method with its teeth whitening feature.
  • Massage with a banana peel for a few minutes after brushing your teeth, especially when you wake up in the morning or before going to sleep at night.
  • It should be noted that regular application is important for this whitening method, which will also clean the microbes on the gums.
  • In addition to teeth whitening with banana peel, stains and yellowing on the tooth surface will also disappear at this stage.
  • Besides using bananas to whiten your teeth, we suggest that you visit this well liked dentist tallahassee for regular dental checkups.

4) Herbal Pain Relief Aromatherapist: Dr. Banana peel

  • If you can’t deal with an unrelenting pain, the last exit before your hand reaches the medicine box: Banana peel!
  • With its herbal pain reliever feature, you can apply the banana peel to the area where you have pain by massaging.
  • Banana peel is great for common aches like knee pain or joint pain.
  • Banana peel is also good for migraine headaches. Massage your temples with the banana peel and leave the peel on your head for a while.
  • If you keep it in the refrigerator for a while just before, you can also provide a cold press effect.
  • Thanks to the slightly slippery gel-like liquid inside the banana peel, the massaged area will be moistened and your skin will not be irritated during this time.

5) Oh, is this new? No, Polished with Banana Peel 😉

  • With the banana peel, you can give your silverware or jewelry in your home a shiny look as if they were just bought!
  • Scrub your darkened and dirty silverware thoroughly with a banana peel and clean it with a damp soft cloth after waiting for a while.
  • Let’s even go a step further, the banana peel can even be used for cleaning shoes.
  • Apply the previous method for your shoes that have faded from dust and dirt and see the difference!

6) Your Natural Itch Relieving Ointment for Wounds and Fly Bites

  • Do you have cuts or wounds anywhere on your skin? No worries, we’ll treat now.
  • After washing your hands, place the banana peel on the injured area and tape it if you wish.
  • Wait like this for a while.
  • If you apply it regularly for a few days , you will see that it treats the wound without leaving a trace.
  • You can also apply the same process to the insect bite area, it will be good for itching and redness.

7) Fast Growing Soft Hair, Male and Female Fractures

  • Banana peel contains beneficial vitamins and minerals for the skin ; We have just touched on this subject.
  • This time, you can care for your quickly broken, dry and worn hair with the banana peel that we recommend for the scalp.
  • Put the shells and optionally some olive oil in a blender and puree them, leave this mixture on your scalp or hair ends for at least 1 hour before showering .
  • With this mask, which you can apply once a week for a few months, say hello to your moist hair that grows much faster because it is nourished from the root!

Can You Eat Banana Peel?

Well, eating a banana peel that doesn’t have a thin layer like an apple or pear might sound like an interesting idea, let’s face it. But after all the useful features we mentioned in the previous sub-title, we can’t help but add the following: This is edible!

So how?

  • Wash and clean these crusts well with water , now we’re going to add some fun.
  • The next step: Breaking the thick banana peels into small pieces so that your stomach can digest them more easily .
  • Are you using blender? If you have it at home, run it through a blender and make it puree; otherwise, chop finely enough to break it into mini mini pieces.
  • Add these crusts to your yoghurt, milk or desserts -yes, you heard right, for example, to cake batter!- and enjoy!
  • If you have reservations about its taste , you can enrich this aroma with dominant ingredients such as honey, cocoa, cinnamon .
  • A banana milkshake made from banana peels is n’t a bad idea on a hot summer day , maybe some strawberries?
  • Sports – pre-fitness energy source can also be a drink! If you want to add a secret ingredient, a quick recommendation comes: Peanut butter.

Does Banana Peel Make You Weak?

  • First of all, let’s start by stating that no food alone has a weakening feature.
  • There’s no immediate lowering of morale; because banana peel is a very healthy snack alternative compared to many unhealthy, refined sugar-containing additives and many packets of snacks.
  • You can consume banana peels during the day when you feel hungry, especially in that long time between lunch and dinner.
  • Before eating the banana peel, you can soak it in water and soften it and mash these peels with bananas. It will be a great pudding with the addition of walnuts and cinnamon.
  • Yogurt with fruit is also a nutritious snack that nutritionists recommend. You can mix the banana peels that you cut into small pieces with your favorite dried or fresh fruits and consume them in yogurt.
  • This fruit, which is rich in dietary fiber, will keep you full for a long time and will prevent sweet crises thanks to unprocessed sugar.

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