14 Little-Known Benefits of Honey

14 Little-Known Benefits of Honey

Honey, which immediately comes to mind when it comes to sweet and beneficial food, is formed as a result of the long-term efforts of bees. The magnificent scent of honey is created by the aromatic oils of the flowers. If you start the day by eating honey, you may feel that you have high energy.

Honey is a source of power that comes from nature. Honey, which is one of the most beneficial foods, should be consumed as often as possible. The food, which is very rich in B vitamins, also meets the body’s needs in this direction. If you want to examine the benefits of honey in substance, you can take a look at our next heading.

14 Little-Known Benefits of Honey

  • When you apply honey to the spots on the skin, you can see a great improvement within 1 week. At the end of this period, your skin will have a brighter and cleaner appearance. In addition, the humidity rate increases.
  • The benefits of honey also have positive effects on the skin. A visible difference is achieved when a face mask is applied to the skin once a week. A mask is obtained by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey, sugar and lemon juice. The mixture should be applied to the skin softly and left for 20 minutes. It is then cleaned with lukewarm water.
  • Honey has many benefits for hair. The moisturizing feature in its structure gives health to the hair and protects against breakage. It prevents dandruff and increases its volume.
  • It prevents hair loss and promotes faster growth. Towards the end of the bath, applying it to the hair with light water and then rinsing it makes a big difference.
  • With a haircare mask to be applied once a week, the appearance of the hair will improve significantly. After whisking the egg yolk, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of organic honey and leave the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes. A good result is obtained.
  • Since honey gives strength and energy to the body, it positively affects sexual performance. It supports longer sexual intercourse. Pure honey has no aphrodisiac effect; however, this effect is seen in a special type called Malaysian Honey.
  • Honey also has benefits for the brain. Thanks to the calcium in honey, it helps the brain to work more efficiently and strengthens memory.
  • The medicinal food honey also has a positive effect on eyesight. After mixing with pomegranate juice, it is possible to see sharper and better as a result of applying it to the eye.
  • The benefits of ginger honey especially affect the respiratory tract in a positive way. It is effective against asthma.
  • Honey has a positive effect on the stomach and facilitates digestion.
  • Consuming a mixture of cinnamon and honey every day is a practical and healthy method for those who want to diet. The mixture speeds up metabolism and reduces sugar cravings. The mixture used instead of antibiotics also regulates the immune system.
  • The benefits of honey were also examined by Saraçoğlu within the framework of increasing body resistance. İbrahim Saraçoğlu says that 1 spoonful of honey to be eaten in the morning, noon and evening for 3 days will create a protective shield against diseases. He recommends snacking on water, toasted natural bread, apart from honey, throughout the day.
  • The benefits of honey are also emphasized by doctors and dietitians. The benefits of honeycomb honey are great. Honeywhich is good for insomnia with its relaxing feature, also reduces the effects of allergic diseases.
  • Honey also has benefits for the lungs. When you consume honey, your lungs are nourished and the flexibility of their walls increases. Similar effects apply to the stomach and pancreas.

What are the Calories and Nutritional Value of Honey?

  • The nutritional value of the miracle product honey, which shows a complete antioxidant feature, is high and this aspect has an important place among the properties of honey.
  • There are 304 calories in 100 grams of honey. The protein value of a teaspoon of honey can also be seen as higher than the average.
  • When we look at the nutritional value of honey, it is remarkable that the carbohydrate rate is high. There are 82 g of carbohydrates in 100 grams of honey.
  • It also contains 0.3 g of protein, 6 mg of calcium, 2 mg of magnesium, 4 mg of sodium, and 52 mg of potassium.
  • In addition, there is 0.5 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams. This contributes to the body development and energy of those who consume honey.

What is the Content of Honey?

  • When considering the ingredients in honey, the first ingredient that comes to mind is sugar extracts that add sweetness.
  • The extracts in question also contain high levels of grape sugar, with a high concentration of fruit sugar.
  • It also contains a small amount of sucrose.
  • Another important part of honey is water. The other 7%, although it seems like a small percentage, is important in terms of determining the quality of honey. This section contains protein, pollen, iron and other chemical components.
  • Flower honey is formed as a result of combining the essences collected by honey bees from flowers with the secretions in their own bodies.
  • It is possible to feel the aroma of flowers in the aroma of honey.
  • Secretion honey, on the other hand, is produced by bees collecting insect secretions from forest trees.
  • The secretory honey contains high levels of sugar and protein.

What are the types of honey?

  • Honey, which is a complete source of abundance, has many different types around the world.
  • When the properties of honey are considered, different aspects are seen according to its varieties.
  • Some of the main types stand out for their easy availability and popularity.
  • One of them, pine honey, makes a difference by being obtained from trees and is common in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions.
  • The question of the best type of honey is usually answered in the form of Anzer honey.
  • Produced from the pollen of flowers in the Rize region, honey attracts attention with its taste and treats many diseases.
  • Chestnut honey, which is rich in vitamins, is also an important variety.
  • Citrus honey, which contains the vitamin C of the fruits, attracts attention with its fruity taste.
  • All types of honey are healthy, but thyme honey has a positive effect on the digestive system. Highland flower honey, on the other hand, is the most common type of honey consumed in daily life. It strengthens the nervous system.

How to Know the Best of Honey?

  • There are many different types of honey on the market.
  • It is a good decision to choose real honeycomb honey or honey with a quality brand.
  • When these varieties are purchased, they provide more benefits and taste better.
  • So, how to understand the truth of honey?
  • There are some methods of detecting that the product is good.
  • It is understood that honey that does not freeze in cold weather is fake.
  • Freezing should be observed in the jar of real honey.
  • It is decided from the honey color whether it is real or not. Real honey is slightly darker than fake honey. In addition, real honey comes uninterrupted and fluid when taken with a spoon.
  • Of course, the benefits of natural honey are much greater than those that contain additives or are produced unnaturally.

How Much Does Honey Cost?

  • The price of honey varies according to varieties and brands. 1 kg of good quality honey sold in the markets can be purchased for a price of around 50 TL.
  • Real honeycomb honey with pure properties is purchased for a price between 69 and 250 TL per kilo.
  • The price of honey varies according to its variety and quality.

What are the Side Effects of Honey?

  • The high sugar content of honey, which is attractive with its sweet side, can be harmful to diabetics. In addition, calories may be too much for those who do not want to gain weight or diet. Honey should not be included in the menu of those with stomach discomfort, as it mixes with the blood without mixing with the digestive system.
  • Consumption of honey obtained through fraudulent production can also be harmful to health. Since the body of babies younger than one-year-old is not yet ready for honey consumption, side effects may occur and therefore honey should not be given to babies.

3 Delicious Recipes You Can Prepare with Honey

1) A Crackling Recipe: Honey Cream Pie

After detailed information about honey, let’s come to sweeten our mouths! We have compiled the most popular honey dessert recipes for you. Although honey is generally known as a flavor that sweetens the mouth at breakfast, it is also used for extremely delicious desserts. Honey cream cake, which is prepared by combining the cream with honey and presented in different layers, is one of them

2) One Slice Will Never Be Enough for You: Honey Almond German Pie

With the classic German honey cake recipe, you can feel the combination of almond pieces and ingredients that complement each other perfectly.

3) I’m subscribed Subscribed! Honey Lokma Dessert

You can easily make the honey bite dessert at home, as it is a practical recipe, which makes you want to taste it immediately with its appearance. You can enjoy a full dessert with the recipe, which is slightly hard on the outside and soft and syrupy on the inside. 

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