The list of the 10 most expensive foods in the world that are now worth even more due to inflation

10 most expensive foods in the world

Luxuries exist and those who can afford them take advantage of their purchasing power to have trips, sports cars, jewelry and mansions, but can you imagine paying thousands of euros or dollars for food ? Believe it or not, there are foods that have a stratospheric value due to their origin and the production process they require.

Recently the newspaper El Financiero de México, made an interesting count of the 10 most expensive foods in the world. The select list includes fish, fruit, meat , cheese and even spices from all over the world.

10 most expensive foods in the world

Demanding palates exist and they do not discriminate the price. For billionaires, eating food is not a human necessity , but an extravagance that reaches the limit and can cost more than $1,000 for being a limited production item.

Excrement coffee, cakes dipped in edible gold and even extra-heavy mangoes top the list of most expensive foods in the world. Below we present the complete list so you can verify if with your savings you can afford that luxury, or it will simply remain as a taste of the fussy rich:

Caviar Souls

It is the most expensive food in the world and a tiny can of it costs $25,000 . Its packaging is perhaps the most expensive in itself, since it is a 24-carat gold box manufactured by the select London importer House & Prunier. Caviar is extracted from the albino beluga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea , in Iran.

King Yubari melon, sugary food of the gods

Each piece is sold in exclusive markets for $10,000 and is a hybrid between Earl’s Favorite and Burpee’s “hot melon”. The city of Yubari is their place of cultivation and harvest. They are characterized by being almost spherical, having a smooth skin and a bright orange pulp.

Brisdane Mangoes

The mango is a food that is consumed all over the world, but none like the Brisdane mango; a very heavy variety that has a large amount of sugar that other known varieties suitable for human consumption do not have.


This spice is the base of many fancy dishes and is known as the “red gold”. A kilogram of it is around $4,000. It comes from the stigma of the Crocus sativus flower.


It is a very special fungus that grows underground, specifically 20 centimeters deep. Its harvest is a bit difficult because of the way it grows, so the producers resort to trained pigs which are used to locate the delicacy and help dig it up. Each kilogram is quoted at $3,000.


Can you imagine being able to eat a cheese whose kilo has a price of $1,500? It is the most expensive in the world and is made from donkey milk in Serbia , in the Zasavica nature reserve. Each kilo requires at least 25 liters of milk for its preparation.

Moose milk cheese

Its elaboration takes place in Sweden , specifically in the small farm of Moose House . Three moose are ordered between May and September to have enough raw material for the production of each piece valued at $1,100.

Kobe Beef or Wagyu Entrecote Food

The Japanese do not have a very entrenched meat consumption in their gastronomic culture, but they are capable of producing one of the most delicious meat products in the world. Kobe beef ($1,100 per kilo) comes from the Kobe City breed of cattle. The diet of these cattle includes beer, sake and to achieve a softer meat, the animals are massaged.

Iberian acorn-fed ham Albarragena

Everything about this food is eccentric, starting with its DNA certificate; guarantee that it is made with meat from pigs fed on acorns and roots, whose breeding city is Extremadura, Spain. Each kilogram has a cost of $350.

Civet coffee

It may seem incredible to you to drink a coffee made from beans excreted by the Asian palm civet. This food is fed with cherry coffee beans, which it digests and defecates. If you decide to have a cup of this coffee , you will have to pay 100 dollars.

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