10 Low Calorie Party Foods

low calorie party foods
How to avoid overloading your body with sugars and fats during the holidays while having fun? Overview of foods that are both gourmet and low calorie.

10 Low Calorie Party Foods


Oysters are a low-calorie starter (199 calories per 100g) and are excellent for your health thanks in particular to their richness in trace elements (zinc, magnesium, iron, etc.)

Accompanied by a squeeze of lemon, they will be even more delicious, without adding calories.

The shrimp

Shrimp, like most seafood and shellfish, is low in calories (100 calories per 100), provided it is not accompanied by mayonnaise.

Instead, a sauce based on light crème fraîche with a drizzle of lemon and a hint of dill will be tasty while having a low caloric intake.


Turkey is, like all white meats, lower in calories than red meats. At a rate of 125 calories per 100g, it can be put on the menu for the end of the year celebrations without fearing for its line.

The capon, a little richer in lipids (225 calories per 100g), nevertheless remains a low-fat meat.

These two meats should be eaten without the skin for a lower caloric intake and accompanied by a light sauce.


Duck meat is one of the least fat red meats (337 calories per 100g), even if its caloric intake is higher than that of white meats.

Cooked en papillote or in a pan without adding fat, the aiguillettes are the leanest part of the duck and constitute a main course limited in calories.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is a fatty fish with a significant caloric intake, but compared to foie gras or snails in garlic butter, it is not so much.

At a rate of 117 calories per 100g, it is also excellent for health. Rich in omega-3, it helps meet our needs for vitamins B12 and D. Having a high protein content, it gives a good feeling of satiety.


Scallops contain 84 calories per 100g, making them a low-calorie party food. Provided they are not cooked in the shell or with a high-fat sauce.

Simply sautéed with a knob of butter and a few spices, they will bring a lot of flavor to the plate while being painless for the line.


The end-of-year holiday meals leave traces on the scale due to the food consumed but also, and we think less of it, the alcohol ingested.

Strong alcohols such as whiskey or liqueurs are extremely high in sugars and therefore should be avoided as part of a diet.

On the other hand, champagne can be authorized in moderate quantities because of its low caloric intake (70 calories per flute).

Goat cheese

The cheese platter is a must during the holidays. While cheese is high in fat, some are less so than others. This is particularly the case for goat cheese, whose caloric intake is 360 calories per 100g, and more generally for all fresh or soft cheeses.

Hard cheeses, on the other hand, should be avoided.

The frozen log

The frozen log (275 calories per 100g) is lower in calories than the classic log (320 calories per 100g), which is very high in fats and sugars.

If it is made with sorbet and not ice cream, the caloric addition will drop even further.

In any case, we will limit ourselves to one slice to prevent the pounds from piling up.


Chocolate is a high-calorie food (530 calories per 100g) but its sugar content is lower than that in cookies or other sweets.

Dark chocolate is less sweet than milk chocolate which itself is less sweet than white chocolate. It also contains antioxidants, which are good for your health.

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