10 keys to follow to maintain good health

  1. Take care of your diet

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, introduce fiber into your diet to improve intestinal transit among many other benefits.

Limit the consumption of sugars and salt in your diet, according to the WHO, reducing the consumption of sugars in our diet by only 5% would have benefits for our health.

Get into cooking: when you don’t know how to cook, you tend to throw away more pre-cooked or frozen dishes that don’t always have the same properties.

It is not necessary to become a Masterchef, there are many ways to prepare food, grilled, steamed, baked, etc.

  1. Get regular checkups

Experts recommend that from the age of 40 it is advisable to start undergoing regular medical check-ups. These check-ups will be especially aimed at detecting the appearance of early tumours or cardiovascular risks.

Tests as simple as blood tests, blood pressure measurements or gynecological examinations are essential for disease prevention.

  1. Do physical exercises whenever you can

A fundamental pillar for maintaining good health is to do physical exercise regularly. At least 30 minutes of activity is necessary for 2 or 3 days a week.

The key is not to buy the complete running kit or pay for the gym for the whole year when you return from vacation. The important thing is to find an activity that is appealing to us, that we like and that motivates us throughout the year and not just when we feel guilty about not getting off the couch.

  1. Control your stress levels

Work, family life, and dealing with everyday situations put us under a lot of strain physically and mentally. They put us in a state of constant alert that exhausts our defenses and wears us down both mentally and physically.

Each person can have his or her own remedy for reducing stress levels. Some people find that reading works for them, others paint, some people meditate, others use physical exercise.

We encourage you to find that activity that comforts you and helps you find yourself.

  1. Get good mental health

We cannot forget about our mental health as a fundamental part of our state of health.

Stress, anxiety or depression can alter our mental state, affecting our well-being and quality of life.

Exercising our mind is just as important as exercising our body. Reading and logic exercises, memory and comprehension games are tools that we can use easily. They will help us prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

  1. Avoid risk factors

It is necessary to take into account and monitor a series of factors that increase the probability of suffering an illness or injury.

Tobacco, alcohol, hypertension, obesity are some of the main factors that are observed in our closest reality. It is in our power to control them since they are modifiable factors and therefore susceptible to preventive actions.

  1. Have sweet dreams

Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we can understand the importance it has in our lives. Sleep is a vital function that regulates us, repairs us and prepares us for the next day.

Some of the recommendations that we can follow are to maintain routines and schedules at bedtime, reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks, and maintain a good rest area without distractions such as cell phones or television.

  1. Enjoy your leisure and free time

Our work days are becoming longer, our vacations are often reduced due to lack of time and money. It is essential that there is a balance between work and activities that distract us, relax us and gratify us on a mental and physical level.

The benefits of leisure have a positive impact on both the person and their immediate environment.

Activities such as traveling, reading, being in contact with nature or simply doing nothing will give us a break and energy to continue with our activities.

  1. Take care of your social relationships

We are social animals, who do not live in isolation, but in family and society.

Recent studies indicate that having satisfactory social relationships is as important for life expectancy as not smoking.

Being part of a social network, not just a technological one, gives individuals meaningful roles that increase their self-esteem and give purpose to their lives, according to research from the University of North Carolina.

For them, it is necessary to foster social relationships and give ourselves time to share our time with family and friends.

  1. Have a positive attitude towards life

It is said that the seed of our words and our actions are our thoughts.

Positive thoughts have a satisfying effect, they give us strength and the people around us are infected by them.

A positive attitude will project a more satisfied, confident and self-assured image of yourself.

Although it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude nowadays with all the negative news surrounding us, we can always focus on the positive things we have.

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