10 Foods to Avoid When You’re Sick

foods to avoid when you're sick
Diet plays a key role in recovery and recovery of the body. Here are the Foods to Avoid When You’re Sick.

10 Foods to Avoid When You’re Sick

Prepared meals

Rich in additives and preservatives , prepared meals should be carefully avoided in the event of illness because they are less well digested by the body. Their salt content also promotes water retention and prevents the elimination of toxins.

It is better, in case of infection, to hydrate as much as possible and to eat foods that are as unprocessed as possible.


Sodas, with or without sugar are not recommended in case of illness, especially if it concerns the digestive system , because they cause bloating and flatulence.

They can also attack irritated throats .

In addition, if they contain caffeine, they prevent falling asleep and therefore the body to rest properly to recover more quickly.

Better to prefer mineral water , rich in minerals and trace elements: nutrients that our body needs to function well.


Fried foods such as fries, donuts, etc. are high in fat and therefore difficult to digest . However, our body, attacked by microbes, must be concentrated on their fight.

The efforts he must make to digest poorly digestible foods cannot therefore be called upon to combat the disease. It is therefore better to opt for easily digestible foods to allow our body to focus 100% on the disease .

The sauces

Sauces , for the same reason as fried foods, should be carefully avoided. These are empty calories devoid of essential nutrients. What they contain cannot therefore help the body to fight against microbes.

Some sauces, however, are healthy. This is the case with homemade sauces made from vegetables such as tomato sauce, which contains lycopene , an antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

The biscuits

Although they are comforting in the moment, cookies are not synonymous with a speedy recovery. Their richness in carbohydrates and lipids will mobilize our body on digestion instead of focusing it on the eradication of viruses and bacteria.

In addition, refined sugars slow down the immune system which can no longer function properly.


Cheese , and more generally dairy products contain essential nutrients for the body, such as proteins , calcium and vitamin D.

However, during their digestion, they promote the secretion of natural mucus in the body. In case of colds, bronchitis, laryngitis and, more generally, any ENT disease , it is therefore better to carefully avoid them.


Ice is known to relieve sore throats or loss of voice . Its texture effectively softens the vocal cords and provides instant relief. However, since it is a dairy product, it promotes mucus secretion and does not promote expectoration .

It is therefore better to prefer sorbets , which will also be easier to digest.

Acidic foods

Acidic foods have an inflammatory effect on the body. They are therefore to be avoided or limited in all diseases linked to inflammation. Thus, fruits (especially citrus fruits), certain vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, artichoke, onion, mushrooms), condiments and yogurts should be avoided.

Acidifying foods , which do not taste acidic but generate acids during digestion , should also be avoided. This is the case for animal and vegetable proteins (legumes), refined sugars and white flour.


The caffeine contained in coffee has a diuretic action , that is to say, it promotes the elimination of water contained in the body. However, in case of illness, it is important to stay well hydrated to be able to fight germs.

In addition, coffee can cause, if the body is tired, stomach aches and digestive disorders . Better to prefer tea or herbal tea.

The alcohol

The comforting grog is only for morale because at the level of the organism, it weakens it rather than anything else because of its alcohol content.

The body, and in particular the liver , will have to deploy more energy than necessary to eliminate the alcohol in the blood. However, it should be put to rest to regenerate more quickly and do a more efficient elimination job.

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